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From International Regd. Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington

  Feminization Hypnosis Android App & MP3

... for every: Transgender ~ Transvestite ~ Transsexual ~ Crossdresser
by HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington

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Feminization can be enhanced and hastened by using this amazing Hypnosis Audio Recording.

Feminization suitable for every Transgender, Transsexual Transvestite or Crossdresser.

This is natural, un-forced Hypnosis feminization and suitable for all those fems who want less masculinity while developing a more feminine mind, body and life!

Feminization Hypnosis, a Fast, Natural and Effective Boost to Femininity.

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Powerful & Proven Feminization Hypnosis
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Do you want to be more feminized?
Are you a Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, Crossdresser,
who would you like to be even more feminine?

...... YES? ......

  Feminization of Mind & Body by Hypnosis

With the power of Hypnosis, delivered by a reputable Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist,
you can enhance, hasten and compound the natural un-forced feminization Hypnosis process, and:

Feminization Hypnosis~ Be more totally FEM!
~ Develop bigger, firmer breasts naturally!
~ Talk with a more feminine voice

~ Walk with a more feminine gait

~ Sculpt a more feminine figure

~ Lose facial and body hair

~ Look like, sound like, be a woman!

~ Be more totally FEM!
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A Must-Have for every Transsexual, Transgender, Transvestite and Crossdresser
Why spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on potions, creams, surgery, etc., when you probably have the absolute best tool already at your disposal! YOUR MIND! Instead of having male and female attributes in conflict with each other, learn how to join the forces of your mind and body - and have them work together to achieve a gender balance and harmony. This Hypnosis feminization MP3 Download or Android App will even complement your existing feminization regime - so add it to your feminine box-of-tricks today!

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Feminization Hypnosis from Google Play
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Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, Crossdresser; Hypnosis Feminization

Grant Boddington - Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, has created a powerful un-forced feminization Hypnosis recording that can assist any transgender, transsexual, transvestite, or crossdresser to look like a woman, sound like a woman and to BE more of a woman - more FEM! 

Feminization HypnosisFeminization Hypnosis of Mind and Body
The best place to begin, enhance or compound any feminization process is with the mind - the subconscious mind. That's the part of your mind that responds to suggestions, especially those you want to hear and especially while you're in a relaxed trance state of Hypnosis.

Feminization Hypnosis is simple and natural. Bring out your fem side faster and safer. There are no pills, creams or surgery and it is un-forced feminization - utilising just the power of your mind, responding to Grant Boddington's tremendously effective feminine suggestions and routines.

With regular use of this new Hypnosis Feminization recording, you will learn to affect the "programing" deep in your mind, thus causing it to respond to that new programing. You will be building mental expectations of becoming more feminine via very specific visualization and affirmation techniques, that are designed by Grant Boddington to create real results!

Hey, we all know that your mind is more powerful than your body! So your body will just do as it's told and follow the directions from your subconscious mind.

  The Hypnosis Feminization Process

  • What will you need to do?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will it be permanent?

These are all questions that have different answers for each person who uses the recording and follows the instructions. You will need to dedicate only 22 minutes a day to listen to the recording (repetition of the suggestions is very important) however the extra time spent on following the instructions, massages and exercises revealed on that recording, will pay huge dividends in hastening and compounding your feminization. Some results, such as the breast enhancement, are pretty much permanant, requiring only a little maintenance, but other results and effects will need more constant manicuring and attention, until they become "second nature". (Or is that first nature?)

As you develop the look, the sound and the feel of a woman, you will be motivated on towards achieving more and more of you feminization goals - whether they be total feminization, partial feminization, un-forced feminization, temporary or permanant feminization.

  Testimonials for Feminization Hypnosis

Hello Grant, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that this is the greatest decision I made. I was a little skeptical at first, but after using it for 3 days now, I am really feeling the difference in my attitude and behavior.  At first I thought that there is no way that this could make me think and act differently in a couple of days like some of the testimonials say, but now im a believer. I am noticing my actions and thoughts have changed and all the stuff the testimonials were saying is 100% true!! 
This is a must have for any transgender individual and I am recomending it to all my friends. Thanks for a new outlook on my life, Staci
Hi Grant. I just would like to say that I have been listening to your suggestions with an open mind now for two week right before bedtime. I feel more confident in public situation I find myself more aware of my own self, if that makes sence. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel more female in my mind then ever before in my life and I thank you very much for that. Holly
Just wanted to let you know that my mind and body feminization hynosis program is really changing me!   Some people address me as Miss or Mam-I guess they really see me as a woman now!  My body is even responding-softer skin, larger breasts, longer hair.  Working on my walk and voice also.  Just wanted to keep you updated, and thanks for helping me free the woman inside, Lana
Hi Grant!
     Wow!  Thanks for the quick response to my e-mail!  I've now listened to your Mind and Body Feminization program for 2 days now and I absolutely love it!  I think it is starting to work already because I've noticed that I'm carrying myself and walking more feminely than I normally do and when I've had to speak to people I normally had a loud voice-now I've noticed that I want to converse more softly and eloquently-you are a genious!  This program is great and is just what I've needed and hoped for to help me make my transition.  I will continue to use this program for the next month or so, but I will probably want you to create a more customized personal program for me.  I've even made an appointment for this weekend at a beauty salon to have my hair done en femme!  Can't wait!  Thanks again for help setting me free!   Michael
I've been using the Feminisation recording now everyday for about one month and have found it absolutely amazing. My breasts look and feel different to me although I'm not sure they have grown much yet in actual size. But I walk differently now, the way I speak is changing and the way I feel in side is changing. It really is like I have a sense of Deja Vu and this really is me. ROSE
Your recording is first rate and I'm very happy with it. Actually, it has worked TOO well for me. Feminization has always been a fantasy for me and when I started using the recording, it happened very fast and I had to slow down a bit. GH Australia
You've got a lovely voice. You sound very upbeat and friendly, and that helped me to relax right away. With your guidance, I was actually able to visualize many of the things you mentioned, like the feminine hormones rushing through my blood stream and into my breasts. I was also able to see myself as a woman for the first time, which makes me feel wonderful! For the first time that I can remember, it feels like my body and mind are united as one. It feels nearly euphoric! ROBIN
I am noticing other women's behavior more...I am unconsciensiously trying to mimic their behavor...WOW! FRANCES
I have to say, i love your voice. I listened to it last night with the intent of not analyzing it, but rather to letting myself flow and I found myself drifting in and out, a wonderful experience. AMBER
I got told by a rather young boy of 11 a few days ago, that I "walk like a girl" His mother - that I've known for close to 8 years, pointed out what he meant. It seems I have a slight sway now.
And not only that, I'm finding myself watching women, picking up many of their mannerisms, and the like. I've been doing that anyway, but now that I am consciously aware of doing it. For one thing, my rate of speech has slown down considerably. Enough to be far more easily understood. Pitch of voice has changed slightly enough to make a noticeable difference. As has the tone of my voice as well.
So, all in all, things looking very good indeed. I am getting interested in just how far things will eventually go with it all. STEPHANIE
I find that your voice is easy for me to focus on, perhaps because you have an accent for those of us in America. This is also true in the breast enhancement hypnosis. While I have already started working on these voice techniques independently, one phrase forever stayed with me into the next day "well spoken women." I found myself today paying much more attention to a woman I work with who I admire. 
Today at work I also noticed myself  being aware of my steps, and body posture, so all of these suggestions seem to work well thus far in my experience. The imitation of other women suggestion I feel is a good one as well. JUSTINE
I purchased your HYPNOSIS FEMINIZATION RECORDING and I must say it is fantastic! I feel alot smoother, things are very different and I have only listened to it 3 times. Thank you so much again for making me feel so much better. ANN(thony)
As a transsexual woman, I have enjoyed listening to the Mind and Body Feminization hypnosis recording. It is a soothing way to fall asleep for me and Grantís accent is fairly sexy too. As to the feminization, I am successfully transitioning and passing I consider this to be a helpful tool. KIERA
First thing I really noticed that I have some breast tissue now that I never had before. JESS

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