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Hypnosis World's Grant Boddington - Master Stage Hypnotist - top comedy Hypnotism entertainer, can entertain at conferences, seminars, clubs, universities, etc., In fact at events anywhere in the world with his Hilarious Stage Hypnosis (Hypnotism) Show.

Hilarious Hypnosis Stage Show
Grant Boddington - Master Stage Hypnotist - top comedy Hypnotism entertainer, can entertain your Corporate Event, Business Seminar, Conference, Sports Club, University, College, Military Mess, School or Charity events anywhere in the world with his Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Show.

Your audience will be intrigued and amused by the wildly entertaining actions provided by their very own friends and family. Experience “CLOSE-UP STAGE HYPNOSIS” as the stars of the show move from the stage and venture out amongst the audience under the influence of Grant’s outrageous suggestions.

This stage hypnotism show is an informative, mysterious, intriguing and hilarious presentation that is surely the most refreshingly different and unique hypnotic experience ever.  You'll remember it for years, whether you participate or watch!

Can she really
                  see naked bodies through these xray glasses?Two
                  proud fathers have just given birth!
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Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Show Routines From A MASTER HYPNOTIST!
  • “Who let that ****** dog in here?” A typical reaction when one of Grant’s hypnotized subjects steps in a rubber doggy poo “believing” that it’s real!
  • What about the hypnotised man with the eyeball on his fingertip? Casually using it to “look” in places he’s never seen before! Ladies hide your cleavages!
  • Imagine one of your deeply hypnotized male friends trying to feed a doll that he “thinks” he’s just given birth to - as he sings it a lullaby!  Look at the tears of joy in his eyes!
  • What exactly can they "see" as they look through Grant's Xray Glasses?  Are they really seeing naked bodies or is it all in the hypnotized mind?
  • Expect to see world famous singers, dancers, celebrities, amazing feats of mind power, but most of all - expect hilarious fun and memorable entertainment!

Watch Stage Show Video on YouTube
Hilarious excerpts from a recent University show featuring several of Grant's most popular routines. See the pleasure and pain routine, the blowup doll - and an outrageous "You're a fake Hypnotist" routine. Plus many, many more!

        Yes, it's Jacko!                                There's dog poo on my shoe!

Master Stage Hypnotist
International Master Hypnotist Grant Boddington is a master of hypnotic wit!  He presents the funniest, most professionally staged Hypnosis Show ever.  This is a sophisticated Hypnosis Show with dozens of tasteful and totally new routines skilfully mingled with the old favourites.  Grant has performed countless shows over the years and takes pride in ensuring that every Hypnosis show is a memorable event for participants and audience alike. Where ever in the world you are, Grant will discuss staging a Hypnotism show with you!

More Than A Hypnotist
Grant is a veteran of more than 25 years in the entertainment industry and is fast becoming recognised at an international level for both Stage Hypnosis and Motivational Hypnotherapy.  Grant is author of the popular Hypnosis “how-to” book “Simply Hypnosis”, as well as being the creator of an extensive selection of HRM (Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation) Self-Improvement CDs.  He is one of the world’s very few Hypnotists who is both a stage performer as well as a Registered Hypnotherapist.  When hypnotized by Grant Boddington, you are in expert and caring hands, where you will be treated to an amazing experience that you will remember fondly for years.

Rest In Hypnosis
All participant’s in Grant’s show can rest assured that they are in the competent hands of a professional - and that they will be taking part in safe, humourous routines where they’re treated with the utmost respect.  Being Hypnotized on stage is a little like actively participating in a dream.  You retain the ability to either accept or reject Grant's suggestions and most Hypnosis Stage Show participants will only accept suggestions that are non-invasive and within their physical, mental and moral capabilities.  You can never be made to do anything against your will. The show is often "naughty but nice".  It's good clean (but recommended for adults) fun in which dignity and modesty of the participants is held in high priority.

Awaken Refreshed & Motivated
All show participants will all be awakened from their hypnotic “sleep” at the show conclusion, feeling relaxed and refreshed, with fond memories of one of life’s most pleasurable experiences - HYPNOSIS!  As a valuable token of appreciation and thanks, all show participants are given suggestions of positivity, and pride on awakening and a complimentary copy of Grant's powerful self improvement CD "Be The Person You Want To Be!"

Hypnosis Stage Show Structure
A Hypnosis Stage Show is an interactive show and best presented to an audience of 100 or more adults who are there to experience Hypnosis. (No surprise shows!) Generally, the larger the audience, the better the Hypnosis show will be.  It is best as a "stand-alone" entertainment rather than combined with other drawcards, as the psychological aspect of "expectation" plays a large part in the success of the show.

Grant supplies all his own props and music - and where travelling times and venue/audience size make it appropriate, he also supplies his own sound system.  Also, wherever possible, Grant brings his own stage assistant (and wife) Karen, who also operates the computer based sound system - ensuring a professional and seamless show.  Karen reads Grant's every move with precision and provides well chosen sound effects and spot music to create an exciting experience for all. 

Immediately before the show, specific music is played to settle, yet excite the audience - and at show-time a pre-recorded fanfare announcement fills the venue.  Master Hypnotist Grant Boddington appears on stage and gives an informative and entertaining presentation on what the audience has come to experience - HYPNOSIS!

After several interactive demonstrations of imagination and suggestion in harmony, Grant himself recognises and chooses those volunteers who are most suitable to be hypnotised, to participate in the show.  Show length varies from one hour for a short show, to two hours for a full show.  For a full show, a break half way through is taken - but really it's an extension of the show, because Grant follows the participants back to their seats or tables where close-up Hypnosis is performed inches from their friends and family. Seeing is believing!

When the show is finally over and the participants have returned from their imaginative state to reality, they have had all the restorative benefits equivalent to a full night's sleep and are feeling great!  As a special bonus, every show participant also receives their own complimentary copy of Grant's top selling Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation CD "Be The Person You Want To Be". 

Master Hypnotist Grant Boddington usually sticks around to chat with those in the audience who are now absolutely convinced that what they have just witnessed was very real!  ...... Or was it "all in the mind"?

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If you require more detailed information than is on this page, please visit the promotion page containing pricing and terms etc., or you can view videos & photos of the Stage Hypnosis Show here.

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