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Hypnosis World Testimonials

Hypnosis World Testimonials. Read dozens of genuine Hypnosis testimonials from happy clients. Then become one yourself when you choose to profit physically, mentally and financially from Grant Boddington's expertise with the techniques and applications of Hypnosis.

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HRM Recordings & Hypnotherapy

"I am a successful music producer but after a horror year that saw the end of a long term relationship, financial problems, the demise of a recording contract and quite a bit else besides, I found myself in a very bad space being diagnosed as clinically depressed and heading for self destruction. Counselling and various self help techniques were not doing a great deal, and I found just functioning very hard going. So I tried Grant's "Be The Person You Want To Be" CD and used it morning and night. I am writing this three weeks later and my life is coming back on track in new and unexpected ways. I'm dating again, money is improving, I have cut back drinking, and I've got some very exciting new musical projects......for the first time in ages I am actually looking forward to what the future brings. I intend to continue using the CD and anticipate feeling better and better, and achieving much more. Thanks mate!"
Baz ("Be the Person You Want To Be" CD)

Mr. Boddington: This is to let you know how great your weight loss CD is. I have lost 40 pounds in exactly 4 months. There has been no slowing in the amount lost - it remains the same each month. There must be something in the CD which enables the metabolic rate to remain constant - usually weight loss slows as your body adjusts to taking in fewer calories, however this seems not to be happening. I am extremely impressed and happy with your product. Not to mention how effortless losing this amount has been. I plan to use this after I have attained my goal weight as well. I'm sure it will make maintaining the loss so much easier than in the past. Thank you so much. MK - USA (Weight Loss CD)
Grant, I am telling you how wonderful I found your Pain Relief and Management CD. It helped immeasurably with  after-effects of prostate surgery in April of this year and now I am having trouble with a 5 year old 4 way heart bypass. My surgeon is aghast that I use hypnosis HaHa , I told him the good book says Physician Heal Thyself. So that's what I'm doing with the Help of Grant Boddington. William A. Cook USN RET. (Pain Relief & Management CD)

I made a big mistake by not ordering and listening to your 'be the person you want to be' when i first came to know about you in early 2005. This cd is mindblowing: you wont believe this is helping me in unexpected ways: like improving my memories. I hardly find myself unhappy anytime during the day either at work or at home: it has boosted my energy and inspirition in every way and i am in full control over myself and over my surrounding environment. SM LONDON ("Be the Person You Want To Be" CD)
I have been taking Vioxx and Panadine for many years , for chronic pain in my shoulders and thorax, as the result of Medical - Misadventure, from open Heart surgery. I am delighted to tell you, I have been listening to your recording on "Pain Relief" every evening, when I get into bed, and also in the morning early. 

The results are amazing Grant, I still have pain, but it is way in the background of my mind, and I am able to cope with it. The best way to describe it is: I actually feel lighter, the weight seems be lifted from my shoulders and chest and I am achieving so much more in my day than before.

Your voice is very relaxing Grant, you are Blessed. Thankyou so very much. I am Keeping on keeping on, and Every day, in every way I am getting Better and Better. 
Bless You Grant, Be Well and Happy Always, Yvonne - West Coast (Pain Relief & Management CD)

Hi Grant,  just to let you know I received and listened to both CD's. They are great and I look forward to using them and will let you know of my good results. Robin - USA (Custom CDs)
I received your CD about a week ago and have been listening to it regularly.  I already feel a difference in my confidence and mental strength.  You definitely have skills in your field.  I told my friends about the CD and they might purchase one from you.  I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. Don - Alabama (Custom CD)
I want to express my abundant gratitude to you for your having demonstrated to me that I am capable of so much more in my life.  Now, because of your self-hypnosis cassette tape, I am truly  a powerfully different person altogether.  I am a person who is leaving fear in the past. Fred - New York ("Be the Person You Want To Be" CD)

Dear Grant, I am a 40 year old who started smoking at 15.  I averaged one pack of Marlboro Lights a day.  I did not really even want to give up smoking - but have never touched a cigarette again since listening to your CD.

I have now been 3 months totally smoke free, with absolutely no chance of going back. Quite amazing! I have put myself to the test by  going to countless parties etc where everyone else was smoking. It didn't tempt me at all. You should be hearing from a few more Hong Kong people soon! A BIG thankyou! WP - Hong Kong ("Become 100% Smokefree" CD)
Dear Grant, I received your cd today and immediately listened to it and right after listening I feel that it's really working. I feel this warm sensation on my breasts as if I've been massaging them.  I intend to use it twice a day.  Thanks very much!  Jo - USA ("Breast Enhancement" CD)
I thank you for your help with my figure. My breasts are definitely at least 1 cupsize larger and fimer now. I used your CD nearly every night for about 6 weeks and the difference is wonderful. I find I'm more in touch with my body now and enjoy working with my mind to get the figure I need without surgery. Angela - Australia ("Breast Enhancement" CD)
Thankyou Mr Grant. I listen to my CD every night for weeks and very happy with result bigger and more round breasts. Su Lan - Philippines  ("Breast Enhancement" CD)

Hi Grant it's been a month now,since I received your excellent CD and I am seeing results so fast, it's unbelievable!! Initially, I heard the CD 2 times a day, then once, and now, I internally don't feel the need to listen everyday. Your words are anyway so ingraved on my mind so deeply. Sandi - India ("Breast Enhancement" CD)
Dear Mr Boddington. Your breast enhancement CD is just terriffic. I was contemplating surgery but thought hypnosis would be an interesting idea to try first. It was very easy to listen to your hypnosis messages. You have a nice voice.  I found the massage and exercises just as easy as the hypnosis part. Thanks for 2 full inches!  I'm glad I didn't have the surgery. Will this be permanant?  D.J. - California  ("Breast Enhancement" CD)

Yes DJ. Hypnosis enhancement usually is permanant, but it would help to use the CD and perform the various techniques from time to time to maintain the size, shape and firmness.
Hi Grant. The impetus for contacting you was when I went to Victoria's Secret to purchase a t-back bra for wear under summer shirts of a racerback style.  Normally I wear a sort of stretch cup bra from Jockey that is sold by band size in small, medium and large.  The clerk measured me and I tried on the styles they had, the smallest size was too big for me. I was a 32AA.  Went to JCPenney, same story, and the clerk told me to go to the childrens department for beginner bras. 

I used to be a 34B before I began a weight loss and exercise program five years ago.  I was a very toned and muscular 105lbs, 5"1" tall, 50 years old, a year into menopause.  But flat.  I did not mind being flat, but  there was a problem with finding bras to wear. In the world of bra manufacturing, styles change and when you are hard to fit and find something you have to buy in quantity to last awhile before someone makes a new style to fit you.  It is a very depressing experience to shop for bras like this.  I cried all the way home, got on line and sent to you. 

I got my cd the first part of June and have gone from 32AA to 34A, went back to VS and bought the bra I wanted, not in a 32A but a 34A! It is still a padded pushup style, but I finally have enough to fill it up.  My breasts are still small but very firm, before they felt like flaps of skin with nothing inside.  They get larger and firmer when massaged, which increases my sexual desire and fulfillment exponentially.  I do not have "cleavage" yet but am rounder, more pronounced and my nipples have also gotten slightly bigger, pinker and softer.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, my breasts look and feel better and my sex life has improved. Deb - USA  ("Breast Enhancement" CD)

I'm extremely impressed with your response time.  It seemed like you responded right after I clicked on the SEND button!  Both my girlfriend and I truly enjoy your CD.  She and I both noticed an increase in her size.  She was about a 34C when she started listening to the MP3.  At first, she noticed, not an increase, but extra firmness.  Then over time, I started noticing the difference.  I would say she's got to about a 34D cup, about a cup bigger. T & G - England("Breast Enhancement" MP3)
Dear Grant, I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the CD.  The script you wrote is perfect!  Literally perfect!  I am very pleased with the results I am showing as well. This is so great Grant.  I am very appreciative of the way you wrote the script, how you spoke the words and the effect that it is having on me.  Also, the fact that you used my name repeatedly did help a great deal in keeping me focused on your words. Drawing me back into it each and every time you spoke my name.  You're really quite a bright man! I am singing your praises to everyone!  Sharon - USA (Custom CD)
Grant, you really are a marvel. Doctors have tried every trick in the book, for years, to help me overcome my sleep disorder. With hugh doses of sleeping medications, I can usually go to sleep about midnight, and stay asleep for only 2-3 hours, maximum. Then I am usually up for the rest of the night. Others have told me if they took took the dosages I do, they would not wake up for a week.

I have tried "Canned" hypnosis tapes, made my own, etc., but with no real success. I did get so interested in self-help through hypnosis, however, that I got my CHT, MHT, and am nearly finished my dissertation for my PHD, Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have helped countless others, but have never quite been able to "Fix" myself. Add to that the fact that I am also a Registered Nurse, my wife is a Pharmacist, and her father is a Physician, and you can see that we have really had all of the bases covered, and tried every cure known.

When I took a chance on you, it was really on a whim, but what a luck whim.  The way you literally let me write most of my own script, and then the way you wove it into your own work, was marvelous. The first night I took my medicine, put on your CD, put on my headphone, put the player on "repeat", so it would play all night, and slept for 14 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That's right, 14 hours.....without waking up, at all. Previously, on a really good night, I might sleep in 2-3 hour intervals, and be up for an hour or so before trying to fall asleep again...and that was while on medication. Usually the second attempt at sleep was fruitless, and I ended up just laying in bed, or getting up to read.

I am now in the process of scaling back on my sleeping medications, and still I am sleeping 8-10 hours of good, solid sleep a night. I have not done that since I was a child.

Thanks you for giving me my life back. If you ever get down on yourself, and wonder why you chose to be a hypnotist, think of me.  Tom - Hypnotherapist - USA (Custom CD)
Tom has kindly offered to respond to emails about his success with my recording.  Contact me for his email address.  Grant Boddington

Hi Grant, let me say thank you for the great work and prompt attention to my custom CD.  I have listened to it just 3-4 times and have already had some great results!  Very comfortable, very relaxed.  I also have received some wonderful news. I have been offered (and accepted) a job in a much larger market. Your CD has given me confidence to move on to greater challenges.  I thank you again. I look forward to listening to the CD more and more...and perhaps contacting you for further help down the road when necessary.  Todd - USA (Custom CD)
Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I'm having really outstanding results from using the custom cd you made for me.  I've come very far in my battle with anxiety at work and I have you to thank for it! I listen to your cd between two and four times a week and it is helping me a great deal. Thank you very much...A satisfied customer... Clive - USA (Custom CD)
Grant.  Thanks for the CD. Your website looks great. I have had a listen to the CD and it does have a real role in patients rehabilitation. Of course, there will be some patients who will find this a bit foreign or left field, but they are a minority. I will pass this CD on to our Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse.  Cardiologist ("Hypno-Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation" CD)
Grant, I recieved your CD a week and a half ago, and listened to it several times in the following days.  At first it was hard for me to relax, and I thought that maybe I was using the CD at the wrong time of day, when I'd be tired or exhausted and thought that maybe the hypnosis wasn't working.  But, I just got back from vacation, and the CD worked incredibily.  All week long my girlfriend told me that I was lasting longer than I had in the past on a consistent basis everytime we went to bed!  I wanted to thank you for making this CD, I plan on listening to it on a regular basis!  I was always kind of skeptical about hypnosis, but now I feel confident about it!  Thank you!  Greg - USA (Sexual Improvement for Men CD)

Well Grant, it has been 2 full months since starting your program and there have been significant improvements. I am the 50 year old with the 34 year old "sexual dynamo" wife.

1.    My wife swears that my erection is actually larger and significantly harder.  I also believe that it is larger.
2.    We have extremely satisfying sex almost every day.
3.    As of the last week or so, I have been able to go into "extra innings".  I have not yet had that second orgasm, but I have been able to attain and maintain a second erection and bring a great deal of pleasure to my wife!  I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me.  It gives me more pleasure to "please" her than getting that second (or third orgasm) myself.  I have no doubt that this will happen in the very near future.

There have actually been 2 occasions when I have completely exhausted her.  Something to be proud of!

Grant, I can't thank you enough, your program has truly changed our lives for the better.ED - USA (Sexual Improvement for Men CD)

I have found the cd to work as a magic potion for sexual libido. It can increase the libido to such a great extent that it may turn difficult to live without sex a day. Moreover I have found that this cd helps to increase the energy level and keeps oneself highly motivated. SM - UK (Sexual Improvement for Men CD)

'for the first two weeks i didnt see any change, and then one fine morning i felt a tingling sensation on my penis. i mentioned you earlier that i was partially paralyzed due to treatment with a wrong medicine. so this sensation on my penis was a great achievement for me. i also found my penis to be stronger and bigger in size. this could be clearly due to the increase in blood circulation in the genital area as suggested by your words in the trance level.i guess your words have an influence on the subconscious mind (indirectly) to produce more hormone (testorene) in the body. there is a good reason behind my guessing: i told you yesterday that i experienced more enery level in my body. i was ever lazy when it came to jogging but i found myself quite energetic and jog for a long time since i started listening to your cd. this increase in energy for jogging and other works could be rise in level of testorene hormone. i am amazed by the miraculous power of subconscious mind. i do apolize but i have to admit that your cd is a complete wicked. it has fired my imagination so much, sexually, that i have tranformed to a horny wolf. it works better than taking pills, vucum pumps or even doing pelvic floor muscle exercise. you are a great mentor..... your words have boosted my confidence like anything!!!' Name withheld - UK (Sexual Improvement for Men CD)

This is to say that I have been present while Mr Boddington Hypnotises patients and have recommended my patients to him for treatment.  He appears to be very genuine and caring and a person who could be trusted. Orthopaedic Surgeon 
Grant, Thanks so much for the CD, it has worked wonders....relaxation is alot easier now....I have yet to conquer the smoking part of it...the weight loss part has helped a great deal as I am a diabetic and cannot eat alot of the things I love.   With your CD and a new diet I have lost 41 pounds......working on more and with the help of your CD I know I can do it.  Thanks again. Beth - Ohio (Various HRM CDs)

I have known Grant for a number of years.  I have found him to be honest, reliable, extremely energetic and willing to learn. I have had limited experience in clinical Hypnosis so have some background.  I have seen him at work in both clinical and stage situations and I have no hesitation in referring clients to him.  Dental Surgeon 
Grant is an honest and reliable person who takes pride in his work as a Hypnotherapist.   He has a mature and enthusiasic outlook to life which is reflected in his positive and progressive approach to his personal and professional life.  Pharmacist 
Grant, you made a custom CD for me a couple of weeks ago, which I have been listening to religiously. It was for alcohol addition and staying alcohol free.  I am doing much better and feel your CD has helped me enormously. Charlotte - USA (Custom CD)
Dear Grant, You will be interested to know, that since using your CD I have lost aproximately 30 pounds.  I find it delightful to cut out red meats, choosing instead, fresh fruits, fresh veggies and fish, 2 or 3 quarts of water daily and decaf tea over coffee.  I have also eliminated all shell fish and pork.  I find myself checking the fat content, the roughage amounts, the calories, eliminating those things that have no value, except for tea.  It is not difficult at all, because it is a choice I now like.  I truely enjoy the new foods and do not enjoy the old ones.

Also, I am better at caring for my appearance, my home, my conversation, getting exercise, as well as being better able to think before speaking and acting. 

I have laid down a new, positive track in my mind, thanks to your CD.  Something a psychiatrist was not able to do for me in 8 years of therapy.  Something that I was unable to do my entire life.  Medication I was taking is less and less needed to control anxiety and mood swings, finding myself much more stable, amiable, considerate of others, able to resolve problems more easily and positively. I was never able to do this in the past.  Indeed, the past IS gone.  I continue to listen to the CD, which leaves me happy to be alive.  Haven't felt like that since I was 14. Sharon - USA (Custom CD)
Update April 2003 - A total of 66 pounds lost and an approximate total of 33.3 inches since December 3, 2002.  Wow, what a difference and how much better I feel! My health, both in mind and body, my energy level, my ability to communicate is so greatly improved. 

Grant I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have stuggled for the past couple of years with my sexual performance.  During intercourse I was not able to last more than a few minutes at a time and I was not able to get more than 1 erection a night. 

I have always believed in hypnotism but never believed that it would work for me.  I received your sexual performance CD and I put it to the test.  I listened to it twice, the first time sitting down and the second time I was laying down in a more relaxed state.  Right after listening to the CD I felt energetic and well rested.  I thought it may have been due to the fact that I had my eyes closed but that night I realized it was something much more. 

Last night was the first time in a couple of years that I was able to experience more than one erection, but there was one problem.  I didnt need a second erection after the first because my partner could no longer handle it and made me put it away.  I am truly amazed that the CD was able to work so quickly after I have already spent so much money on pills, books, and even pumps. Thank You, A new man.  Brian - USA (Sexual Improvement for Men CD)

Grant's recordings are simple but effective, the scripts have been carefully designed, no word is there that isn't there for a purpose.  I found his recordings to be enjoyable to use and highly effective.  I also found that he really does care about the customer, and goes beyond the call to deliver great customer service and great value. Ben - USA (Several different HRM CDs)
I received the CD Friday night and saw it was "Par Avion". Since then, I've been listening to all 3 daily and have really begun to realize the benefits. I even listen to it on the train on my way to work (New York City) in preparation for the hectic day that awaits.  Thanks for the quality CD and your professional correspondences! Ally - New York (Compilation CD with 3 different HRM tracks)
"Thanks for your positive package. I have had the golf CD for only a week now and I really did not know what to expect. When my friends asked me to play a long and difficult course, I accepted without hesitation. So I listened to the CD that night and went to the course the next morning. 

It was pretty amazing right off the first tee, when I out-drove everyone with a 3-iron (everyone else used their driver or 3-wood) and kept it in the fairway. For the rest of the day, I was able to focus on each shot and block out everything else. Even though, there were some shots that were less than beautiful; I was able to leave those in the past and focus fully on the next shot.

With my mental game in tune; I definitely hit more consistently and confidently than before. Three near-300 yard fairway drives left my friends with mouths open. More importantly, the score card reflected the improvement with pars and birdies on a tough course.  Thanks again Grant"
Bil - USA(Play Better Golf CD)

Hi Grant. I received the hypnosis disk to improve golf. It is truley amazing. I recently completed an Hypnosis course during which I listened to numerous inductions and this has to be one of the best. The results of listening to your CD for two weeks knocked a shot off each hole I play at my local golf course. What more can I say if the other products are to this standard they are a market leader. Nic - UK (Play Better Golf CD)

Hi Grant. About 5 months ago I received a copy of your CD on ‘Play better golf’. At that time I was a 9 handicap player having played for over 45 years on single figures usually once a week and lately really working hard to maintain that level of golf game. Imagine my delight when within 2 months my handicap had dropped to only 5! I can only attribute it to your HRM (Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation) which has combined my physical and mental golfing game to reduce my handicap so quickly. The game of golf has become so much more enjoyable for me too. I strongly recommend your CD/MP3 to all golfers looking for an improvement to their handicap and more importantly to their enjoyment of the wonderful game of golf.  Bryan – New Zealand (Play Better Golf CD)
I really like the CD.  Your technique is warm yet professional.  I am finding myself looking forward to sleeping at bedtime, and falling asleep much more quickly than I used to (spinning wheels syndrome, lol).   I think that this CD would be a wonderful gift to anyone whose loved ones, friends, etc. have trouble settling down and getting right to sleep.  I am happy to have had the chance to experience it!  Thanks for giving me the chance. Sincerely, Darlene - Hypnotherapist - USA (Relax & Sleep Better CD)
Hi Grant, I just wanted you to know that I have used the sleep relaxation CD for the last three nights and have slept better than I can remember in my adult life. Thanks for that. Lisa (Relax & Sleep Better CD)

I just wanted to let you know I received the CD.  I started using it yesterday, and am very pleased with your work. Thanks for your help! Regards, Mike (Chiropractor) - USA 

Thankyou, so much for the Life membership, and the free CD.  It is very good,truly,I found it ,very positive, and I put it on regularly  every day when I'm in my room painting etc etc.

When I was eighteen years young, I joined Dr. Herbert Sutcliff's "School of Radiant Living".  where we first learned to meditate.  You are very dynamic, and positive and have a way of speaking which reminds me of the good Doctor. The CD. is excellent, and so are you, I am recommending your CD's to all my family and friends. Yvonne (Simply The Best) (complimentary gift when joining as a Hypnosis World Member.)

Grant is amazing! He's very easy to listen to, and has a likeable voice. He's an expert at hypnosis, and his recorded works do wonders. He offers great deals on orders, and has great customer service. He'll reply to your e-mails in a very prompt fashion, before you can say, "I wonder if Grant replied to my e-mail?" (well, almost that quick; he won't let your e-mail sit more than about an hour before replying, though) and he's very generous to repeat customers. Paul - USA
(Replies do often take me more than an hour - I gotta sleep sometime! ......Grant)

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Simply Hypnosis Ebook 
Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It is refreshing to see such great customer care. Ed - USA
I read simply hypnosis, it was really cool, and a great price for what I got from it.  Neal - UK
Hey Grant. I just hypnotized my friends Carl and Suz. You are right it's easy to learn. I made them laugh at someone who was not even there and then go back to sleep when I clicked my fingers. Stanley - Australia
Sir your book and email has given me great confidence in this, I am doing very well at it.  I want to thank you for opening that door, and I would really recommend anyone that wants to know more about it they should buy your book, it's the best on the market. Thank you again, Randy - USA

Greetings Grant: By following your advice and using your ebook's information, I was able to hypnotize my first volunteers (some junior high students and then some of my family members). A few of them seemed to go into a pretty deep trance.  It was quite exhilerating. Greg - USA

Grant, I just wanted to thank you for all the e-mail and chat consultation/support you have provided to me after I bought your book.  Your book is very informative and I can tell it was written from experience.  However the real bonus for me is the e-mails and chat that we have exchanged since I purchased your book.  That information has been priceless (but don't raise the price) 

I know of no other hypnotist who is providing such a service and it has already helped me so much as I study and practice becoming a hypnotist. I'm on a budget and there is no way I could afford spending hundreds of dollars to ask those questions in a training session.  I just wanted to say thank you very much - I really do appreciate it. Take care.   Dave - USA

(Since purchasing "Simply Hypnosis", Dave has passed his NGH exams and is now Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He has also performed Stage Hypnosis routines for audiences and is looking forward to a positive career in Hypnosis.)

I've read through the book, took me about an hour.   Excellent ebook, and really easy to understand. Liam - UK
Dear Mr.Boddington, I've read your book through twice now, it is very easy to understand. All in all the book had good terminology, and cleared things up.  Steve - USA

I have purchased your book and was wondering if I could take advantage of your email help your offering.  First let me say that your book was a better read in contrast to other books I have purchased. I liked the fact you get right to the point, unlike some I have read which plods on and on for 200 pages and I still have not got a clue.  JP - UK

Thanks again for the e-book, it's really opened my eyes to the possibilities in helping people with their fears as I've managed is remove my girlfriend's lack of confidence and low self-esteem! Darren - UK

Dear Sir: I recently purchased your online eBook Simply Hypnosis.  I read your book over and over and consulted some of my psych books.  You see I am nursing student and wondered how hypnosis could help people.  I got my volunteer and was able to hypnotize them, used some of your scripts for entertainment, and made up one of my own…and IT WORKED, just like you said.  Of course I believe you standards and code of ethics, I wanted to know if there are any classes, courses or anything to help me become very effective in this new trade.  I live North Carolina in the US, and no local college or person offers anything about hypnosis.  I really would welcome any ideas and help you may have to offer, in order to help me pursue this skill, and to learn to help others.  Plus the stage value is great; I can see myself making some money to help me thru school <Grin> Thank you, Andy - NC, USA
Wow, just wanted to say it's great to have such personal (not to mention speedy!) response from an on-line company. Thanks! Reading through it, I am pleased to see it's well-written, and the information seems very level-headed (indicating a higher-quality product than some things I've seen around the net). And once again, thanks for the fantastic service. Kay - USA

Yes I am getting a lot from your book, it is very good, one of the best I have bought. It has probably cost me $40+ in the expense of other books, as I do not use them much, I will stop buying here, as this is very very good, thanks very much so far. DM - UK

Do you know what you've done with your "Simply the Best" MP3?.....well my friend, you've made every book in my "library" that I have on hypnosis - redundant! Why didn't you put this out 10 years ago....it would have saved me a $$ fortune $$. Well done! You've most probably summarized every script that the "average" hypnotist ever has or ever will use. Chris - Canada

Introduction To Hypnosis Course
My tests were scored promptly ...... I received the course within hours of sending out the payment ...... It was well worth it ...... The feedback was really helpful. 
(After passing the course)  Wooohooo!!! I'm so excited!  Do you have an extension of this course?  I practiced for the first time tonight. My daughter bites her nails, she agreed to be my first guinea pig. Denece - USA
Hi Grant 

Your response time for contacting me on any questions and results of any my questions I found was excellent, very fast indeed. I have had a lot of response from friends about my hypnosis, and I have highly recommended you. Your course not only explains the basics, but your always there to help them and will gladly answer any questions to help them along. Your support is excellent, as you are always offering it throughout your course. 

I personally do not think that you can change anything, because for a beginner it is perfect to get an understanding of what hypnosis is all about. I am going to continue hypnosis, as it as become a big part of my life now, if not helping others, helping my self. By doing self-hypnosis I have learned to relax more, and I'm more confident in myself in everything I do. I do believe your course gave me the confidence to carry on in this field of hypnosis. You may use my name or any comments I've made. Many thanks, Dean - UK.

Follow-up from Dean
Dear Grant. Just a note to let you no that I am now a Registered and Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist. I've done a 7 day advanced course and a 2 day diploma regression course and passed first time! Thanks to your course as it gave me confidence on the course, as I knew what they were talking about - and it instantly all fell into place. So I sailed through it with convidence. Once again, many thanks. Dean - UK.

The response time was really good. Sometimes I got the answers in just minutes. One of the latest answers took two hours and you apologized for being late!  It's a very good course to learn the basics about practicing Hypnosis. I had read other books, but after this course I felt confident enough to start practicing.  Your support is very good. You answered all my questions and I was always satisfied with the answers. I felt that you really tried to solve my problems.  Peter - Spain
All aspects of response time were exceptionally good.  It was very reassuring to know that I could have an answer to a question within a very short space of time.  Completed parts of the course were marked and results returned very promptly indeed.  I  would recommend this course to anyone wanting to set in place a foundation for furthering hypnosis.  The service and support part of the course was without doubt  FAULTLESS.  Kev - NZ
Grant, thank you. Have received files and am really impressed with format etc. looking forward to studying. Alison - South Africa

Your Introduction to Hypnotherapy course was fantastic! I initially started it mostly because of my curiosity concerning hypnosis. What I couldn’t have imagined was that it, along with the other research it inspired, would soon have me making future plans for renovating an office and becoming something I never thought I’d be…A Hypnotherapist! 

The course was very well thought out. It very concisely yet thoroughly explained everything from what hypnosis is and how to induce a trance right up to how to utilize that trance and well beyond even into tips and suggestions for setting up your own practice. The sample scripts you provide are a great platform to springboard off of. They are well thought out and well written. The first time a student uses those scripts and their subject drops right into trance, it’s a REAL confidence booster! Further, your course also covered writing your own scripts / suggestions, so the student isn’t limited to just utilizing your scripts. They actually get to think for themselves! 

Your personal service was second to none. You were always there to guide and answer any questions that I had along the way, as well as offer suggestions or advice. You always took the time to write very well thought out responses even when you may have had a very busy day ahead of you. Speaking to you on the phone also showed that you were truly interested in me developing as a student AND a person. Last but not least, the certificate I was awarded upon passing your course was fantastic. You can rest assured it will have a permanent place always hanging on my wall regardless of how many other certificates I earn to hang beside it.  It’s like a business who frames the first $1 it ever receives. There will be many bills to follow, and each and every one of them will contribute largely to growing that business; but that first bill will ALWAYS be the most important! Your Student and Friend,Gregory J. Gay Jr. - USA

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Hypnosis Stage Show
As chairman of the social committee, I have much pleasure in recommending Grant Boddington. We found his show to be of the highest quality in professionalism. We have booked Grant for a repeat performance and many of our club patrons are awaiting his return.  RSA Club
As with all my dealings with Mr. Boddington over a number of years, he provided an efficient and helpful pre-show service that allowed for changes in his format to suit our particular requirements.  The show itself was lively, funny and entertaining ... I would recommend his show to our future entertainment officers and to other organisations. Air Force Club
Grant is a very polished performer and his show was thoroughly enjoyed by our members. I can recommend the his show to any club looking for variety in their entertainment line-up. RSA Club
We were enthralled with the show and impressed with Grant's seamless performance. To see our members doing such outrageous stunts was the best entertainment ever.  He'll be back at our club. Cosmopolitan Club

I thought the show was excellent. The content was great, nothing that was out of line at all. Feedback from the audience was excellent and they all seemed to be enjoying the show. Yes I would recommend this show to other people. Massey University

Sensational!! Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the show and I’m sure they will still be talking about it in years to come. It is always a challenge to find entertainment for blokes but I think we hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much for a great night we will be sure to use you again with another group. Carter Holt Harvey

Thanks again Grant for an awesome evening. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Very impressive show. Finn McGahuls, Taupo

Hi Grant, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for an entirely pleasant evening, the feedback at work today is totally charged and very positive! Thank you so much for not embarrassing our Executive Director too much.  He had a great time! Thanks again, many recommendations from us here at Prolife Foods

I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your book, Mastering Stage Hypnosis.  I run a successful hypnotherapy practice in Vancouver, BC., and found many of the techniques described help every bit as much in therapeutic hypnosis as they do in stage.  I am grateful for such a well presented and helpful book. I also think your stage work is great.
Rob Hadley - www.vancouverhypnotherapy.org

Dear Grant, The book is undoubtedly the best on Hypnosis I have read. It hits on all aspects and with no "gobbledygook" other books have on the net. It is straightfoward in all respects and very well defined. I spent two days reading and rereading it, gleaning new ideas each trip through it. I am sure anyone who is  interested in Hypnosis will find all the answers in it and at your price they are foolish to pass it  by. Thank You for giving people all the steps and not a lot of plagurized B/S I find in other programs. William A. Cook USN RET.

.." a rock solid manual for those who are seriously interested in a stage hypnosis profession...destined to become an instant classic".... Christopher George C.Ht
Grant, I've been collecting Stage Hypnosis Information and running a Stage Hypnotist Show in Australia for the last 7 years. I must say that your Stage Hypnosis e-book is concise and to the point, and your information on Fund Raisers gave me a 2000% return on my investment with just 2 telephone calls.  Thanks. I also appreciate your quick and great customer service. My only complaint is that you're selling all the secrets way too cheap!! Thanks again, Kevin Grisé - The Hypnotist www.thehypnotist.com.au

from Grant Boddington
Regd. Master Hypnotist, Regd. Hypnotherapist
Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington.
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