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November/December 2017
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New & Upgraded Memberships
WOW!!! The latest examination successes and membership upgrades really supports the claim that Hypnosis New Zealand delivers what we promise!  Congratulations to all of the following members:

Avril Carpenter
Has met all of our stringent training, practice, examination and experience requirements - and on application was granted the prestigious position of Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (HNZRCH). Our Best of the Best!
Caroline Hampshire
  • Qualification: HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Upgraded to: Senior Professional Member of HNZ
Lisa Thomas
  • Qualification: HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Upgraded to: Senior Professional Member of HNZ
Daniel Steadman
  • Qualification: HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Upgraded to: Member of HNZ
Theresa Pearce
  • Qualification: HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Upgraded to: Member of HNZ

In this edition:

HNZ Member Activity Checklist

Are you getting all possible benefits of HNZ Membership?

Huge Website Changes!
See what's about to happen to our main website.

Two Short Articles from Shirley Henderson
A couple of interesting life lessons from Shirley.

Podcasts: Your Free Mobile Hypnosis University
Derry Cooke shares his love of podcasts.

Smoking. Habit or Addiction?
Dr. Joe gives his opinions.

What Happened to dean?
I'll let dean explain ...

Certificate in Hypnotherapy Home Study Course
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HNZ Member Activity Checklist
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Huge Website Changes!
From Grant Boddington
We are currently working on a complete rebuild the main Hypnosis New Zealand website:
www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz.  When completed, the refurbished site will will essentially be for the training and support of Hypnotherapists!  The HNZ Hypnotherapy Training Courses and Hypnotherapist Directories will form its foundation.

Our HYPNOTES newsletter, which has been hosted for many years on our international website (nzhypnosis.com) will be moved to the
refurbished Hypnosis New Zealand site.  The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy courses will also be moverd there (from their current home on the hypnotherapy.ac.nz website).

of my personal content (such as recordings, apps and therapy session information) is being moved to my private hypnotherapy site: www.grantboddington.com

These changes will promote Hypnosis New Zealand as a focused and professional Hypnotherapy group; which will benefit our Hypnotherapists as well as the general public. 

Two Short Articles from Shirley Henderson
As a Hypnotherapist (and massage therapist) Shirley writes short articles for her local newspaper - and has shared a couple with us.
Shirley HendesonLook Out For Worms
I stood on a worm today. It wasn’t deliberate. I was off on my walk and as usual I had allocated 20mins for my 30min walk. Striding out, focusing on the rest of the day, and wanting to get the walk ticked off that “to do” list.

As I glanced at the pavement, my big size 9 foot was already on the way down and nothing was going to save that poor worm, and trust me, mouth to mouth was not an option!

I like to think that because it was pretty much comaed out in the middle of the pavement that its days of wriggling over and under the dirt were over anyway.
Now the moral of this story could be either:
#1  That worms need to be more careful. Or
#2  That I do!

What it did do was make me reflect on the fact that I was in so much of a hurry that instead of being aware of what was around me, instead of taking the time, enjoying the break, breathing in and out deep and long, my mind was already thinking about the next thing I had to do that day.

So to me, the real moral of this story is: To Be Aware! Take the Healthy option. Just combine it with a healthy mindset as well and look out for the worms that you are ignoring in the busy and big scheme of things.
Just Breath………….
I went off my rocker the other night, or you could say I “lost the plot” or threw the “toys out of the cot” – you get the idea! It was late after a long day during a long week and my faithful old computer was on a go slow, the link I was trying to use kept looping round and I just lost it!

The cortisone was pumping and I indulged in a short time of – well unhelpful negativity. Now, the therapist in me knew what was happening, the frustration, tiredness, and feeling of being overwhelmed took over and I also knew the skills to defuse and derail my negative outburst. None of which I used! It wasn’t pretty! But it was human! 

The reason I’m sharing this is simple. Sometimes we have all the knowledge in our heads but it just doesn’t make it to our emotions. 

After the short outburst, I took stock, realised what has happened and decided to let it all go…………… Thankfully, everyone survived unscathed however I did also take the time to forgive myself and remember just to Breath!

I think many of us can relate to my feelings. We’re all going as fast as we can all day, but there are still a million other things to do.  Yet there are many compelling reasons to mindfully slow down – even for just a few moments each day. Lower blood pressure, better heart health, less anxiety and stress, and a calmer person, as just some.

So my suggestion to you is to just try it. Try what? I hear you ask – try to just breathe. It’s ok to be human, but to be a relaxed, healthier and happier human is definitely preferable. Please remember ……… just breathe!
Check out Shirley's Facebook page here:

Podcasts: Your Free Mobile Hypnosis University
Derry CookeFrom Derry Cooke
" As Hypnotists, we know the value in  life long learning, of building  our knowledge base in this amazing field. Workshops, seminars, DVDs, conferences and books are all wonderful opportunities to further our understanding and gather new skills and tools.  I know that my own Hypnosis Certification was simply the start of a phenomenal learning process which continues.

One of the best resources I have found is the range of FREE podcasts available on iTunes or whatever FREE  podcast app you may have on your phone (some folks favour an app called Stitcher, I use Podcast Addict).

Here are some of my favourites:

Brain Software  by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson
(Currently 88 episodes available).  I recommend downloading and listening to the lot! They are full of content about Hypnosis, NLP and related subjects.  Mike has been a practising Hypnotist for over 40 years and knows his stuff. The episodes are usually high energy and sometimes quite surreal.

Hypnosis Weekly by Adam Eason
(Currently 85 episodes available).  Not remotely weekly, but great nonetheless. Each episode usually features an interview with one of our leading peers as well as in-depth professional discussions and segments about Hypnosis in The News and Evidence-Based 'Factoids'.  Adam is very English, so 'get comfy, sip on your tea and enjoy).

WorkSmart Hypnosis by Jason Linett
(Currently 134 episodes available with a new one each week).  A great mix of interviews and also episodes of free content to fold into your hypnosis practice with a strong focus on growing your business as well as improving client outcomes.

Rapid Change Matters by Howard Cooper
(currently 34 episodes available). Each episode features an interview with a leading change worker, most of them Hypnotists or NLPers with a focus on how rapid results are achievable.  Very thought provoking and inspiring stuff.

Podcasts for me are a great way of making the most of my time when commuting or doing mindless work.  My mobile university is right there in my headphones or my car stereo.

If any HNZ members can recommend other podcasts, perhaps post them on the FB page and we can all be the richer."

Derry Cooke

Smoking. Habit or Addiction?
From Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.
Dr. Joe Rozencwajg NMDA few months ago, Grant launched that discussion on our Facebook page. It was unfortunately stopped in its tracks due to some vindictive and rudely aggressive posts. I would like to revive it and at least present my view of it, as it is representative of a way of treating patients that is important as far as I am concerned.

My immediate answer to the question was, and still is, “both”.

How can that be?

Simply because real health practitioners of any ilk do treat people, they do not treat labels. Smoking does not exist on its own: it is the result of a person lighting a cigarette or a cigar or a pipe. Each person does it for a purpose that is individual and different. Eliminating smoking needs to address that cause. Reconditioning behaviours, be it through hypnosis, aversion therapy, chemical interaction (I am thinking the Antabuse implants in alcoholics), fines, jail terms, all have eventually failed in the long term. They can be seen as helping crutches while the deeper treatment or approach is implemented, but nothing more. I know, experienced hypnotherapists will have plenty of cases where the smoking urge did not come back and be more than happy to hurl them at me; yet when considering most of those cases, it becomes apparent that other changes happened in the patient’s lives that removed the need and craving for smoking.

Smoking as a habit comes often as the result of social pressure. I remember asking a schoolmate of mine, in high school, who just started smoking, why he did so. His answer was that it might help him secure a job, if the interviewer or the boss or a higher ranking potential colleague offers a smoke and refusing it would be considered impolite or offending. Of course in those days, smoking was the norm and the cool thing to do. The peer pressure still exists, ask anyone in high school, and not only for smoking. Once the patient, or client, is made to realise that and is given the tools to be able to withstand and reject peer pressure or any sense of “social obligation”, quitting the habit becomes easy and actually often happens on its own without any conscious effort, with the frequent realisation that “hey, I have not had a smoke in a week, that’s cool!” Using the specific tool of hypnotherapy, the pattern would be to first of all restore confidence and the ability to assert his or her individuality without letting anyone become an “oppressor”; only then would the use of the many suggesting scenarios come into play, if at all needed, as a safety system to avoid falling back into older patterns in times of stress.

Smoking as an addiction is linked to both deeper psychological issues and chemical, physical addictions. Explanations, arguments, conditioning fail. When I was a surgical resident, we dealt with many vascular patients. One of them suffered from Buerger’s disease, aka thromboangeitis obliterans, which is a situation where small arteries become occluded as a reaction to tobacco; it is an anatomical, mechanical, obstruction along the arteries, not a functional, spasmodic problem like in Raynaud’s disease. Eventually it leads to gangrene and we had to amputate this gentleman of both legs, one under the knee, one above the knee, as well as a few fingers. As soon as he woke up and was able to sit in a wheelchair he asked to be rolled out to the terrace and requested the nurse to light a cigarette for him. He was far from stupid and understood everything we explained about his pathology, yet he would not quit smoking, despite it being a death sentence for him. That is an addiction, and not a simple habit that you can throw away by a simple effort of will.

My argument, and my many years of experience (albeit not with hypnotherapy as I am still a novice in the art) is that superficial measures can help changing a behaviour for some time and even suppress it totally. But if that is the case and is the only change effected, then at best it will come back in all its splendour with the comment that hypnotherapy (or whatever else has been used) is useless and a scam, or worse reappear as some other form of behaviour, more aggressive, more pathological and then more difficult to treat and eradicate.

Conventional, allopathic medicine has ingrained the habit of suppressing the symptoms. Smoking is a symptom. Alcoholism is a symptom. Drug use is a symptom. Should we treat the symptom or cure the disease?

Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.

What Happened to dean?
From dean
deanIt has been a year since attending the Advanced Diploma Hypnotherapy course in Auckland with Hypnosis New Zealand and instead of the required thirty clients to complete the course assignment, I have had three.

The first, they said, was life changing, they didn’t elaborate as to why, but was an extraordinary session where we became friends during the day and still keep in touch now, a year later.  Incredible set of coincidences that brought us together, they had been looking at renting the house I had been renting while on the course, but it was given to myself instead, then they had been looking for a Hypnotherapist a month earlier and had my Trademe advert saved on watchlist, but hadn’t contacted me. Then I advertised a lazy boy for sale and they won the auction, upon arranging to collect it we pieced together the previous coincidences and knew I was meant to be their Hypnotherapist.  We did a regression session and had a long talk before hand, totally figured out their issues and clicked it all into place. I was paid double my asking fee.

Second was for being smokefree, did two sessions, partly because of an error I made in the first one in regards to association of a disliked food, not a technique I’ll try and do ever again, but, fixed it and they have remained smokefree ever since. I was paid double my asking fee.

Then I tootled off to Australia to seek my fortune and become a megastar Hypnotherapist. Marketed myself at a spiritual expo, advertised on facebook, offered deals, even resorted to offering a few 30 minute chat and offered free sessions to a couple of people. One person accepted the 30 minute chat, the two free sessions were both no-shows and multiple cancellations. After 9 months, zilch, except this one client.

This one client was a mess, that’s a clinical term by the way, having strong Religious beliefs against Hypnotherapy, being strongly left-brained and having a severe control issue, literally a Hypnotherapists worst nightmare.  Being that I’m into spiritual stuff I see stomach issues and anxiety related to the mind “not letting go” of emotional issues and having physical symptoms and illness as a carry-on effect from the initial emotional and mental conflict.

So we worked on this.

They were very difficult to guide into trance because of such an active and dominant mind and had seen a Hypnotherapist previously with no success, as they kept expecting some external force to do the work for them without themselves having to really do anything, therefore “it didn’t work”. “IT”.

They were desperate to heal, literally, in deep despair, and in a great deal of pain, with many physical illnesses, all centred around the same area and same emotional state – not letting go.

We had a 3 month deal, accommodation in exchange for sessions. We’d talk every day, little it at a time, after the first session they slept soundly for two nights unlike any previous night, and had a result that their family noticed immediately.

Dependant on external sources to ‘fix it’ for them, the cycle continued. Having up to 3 sessions together each week, from simple meditation, to Reiki, to Regression Hypnotherapy, we dived deeply into the issues and addressed past traumas as well as pain management techniques and a few visualisations to help release the feelings generated from their triggers. I felt we had made excellent progress, had recorded most of the sessions, and they learned to be much more relaxed and free flowing.

Three months ended, I didn’t ‘cure them’ so the official opinion of the family was that “IT didn’t work” quickly enough, so I was out on my arse and homeless in Australia. I was paid handsomely and generously, enough to buy a car, rent for three months plus a weekly food allowance.

My clinic hadn’t taken off so I ended up picking oranges a couple of hours more inland from the Barossa Valley and had been traveling back to Adelaide to host Meditation classes which, also, hadn’t taken off. One month of living in my car, on someone’s wetland property for $50 per week, without water or a toilet, I gave up, sold the car and came home to NZ to re-train in a different career where I’d be able to get a job, as I wasn’t able to find suitable base income in Australia after 9 months of applying for jobs, I even did junk mail deliveries for some pittance of a fee.

I had befriended someone and given them some support in their relationship, they have said I saved the marriage for sure, and helped open up their communication with each other, they both started to explore their issues and I received an email just last week saying that they had since had two Hypnotherapy sessions (I had offered them some but was declined earlier in the year) and since the sessions they had made huge progress and things have been great since, they were very thankful for my role in that.

In the end I helped a few people a significant amount, but, alas, not enough income generated in the year since the Advanced Diploma course to justify continuing Hypnotherapy as a career. I tried my best and have made significant influences to other’s lives, which they will be eternally grateful, I know I’m good at what I do, but, don’t seem to be able to share that information enough that people will become clients, other than the three above. I’m a truck driver now.


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Grant Boddington's wonderfully friendly support has become almost legendary in the Hypnotherapy profession - and while it may only take a few weeks to complete this course, he offers his free personal support for up to 12 months while you learn - and then lifetime free personal mentoring as a fellow Hypnotherapist once you have qualified!

Your Qualification will be
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There are two simple, open book examinations for you to complete during this course.  Grant will call you (within just a day or two of receiving each from you) to discuss your progress and offer the benefit of his 25 years in the profession, to assist you with fine-tuning of your new Hypnotherapy skills.  

The 1st examination is short and simple; covering the absolute basics of Hypnotherapy and becoming a Hypnotherapist.  Within a day or two of receiving it from you, Grant values the opportunity to contact you for a chat, offering you lots of useful tips and encouragement on your progress.

Read more about this great starter course here:
Certificate in Hypnotherapy

PRE-Christmas Discounts now Available if you Call Grant on 0800 TRANCE!
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
March 12th - 16th 2018
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This is the course that has started most of our top HNZ members in their professional Hypnotherapy careers. It is focused, interactive and supportive.  The syllabus is comprehensive and practical, teaching effective foundation skills for new Hypnotherapists. 
Look at this impressive list of course topics:
  • Styles of Hypnotherapy
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Rapport Building
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Script Writing
  • Sample Scripts
  • Ego Strengthening
  • Breathing & Relaxation
  • Trance Inductions
  • Info/Consent Forms
  • Trance Deepeners
  • Trance Termination
  • Potential Problems
  • Sequences of a Session
  • Clinic Setup
  • Ethics and Safety
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Children's Techniques
  • Phobia Techniques
  • Sleep Techniques
  • Personality Types
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Rules of the Mind
  • Laws of Suggestion
  • Making your own Recordings
  • Authoritarian Styles
  • Permissive Styles
  • PLUS ... Much Much more!
Diploma                                              in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Find out more - and register for our
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
November 13th-17, 2017 - in Auckland
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Read more about the course and its contents here

This course is focused, interactive and supportive!  Exactly what the Hypnotherapy profession in NZ has come to expect from Hypnosis New Zealand!  The syllabus is comprehensive and practical, teaching effective advanced skills to experienced Hypnotherapists. 

Diploma in Advanced Clinical HypnotherapyA SMALL SAMPLE OF COURSE CONTENT:

  • A recap of the HNZ Suggestive Hypnotherapy theory and practice
  • Age Regression/Hypnoanalysis/Affect Bridge
  • Advanced Therapy Techniques such as: Parts, Gestalt, Reframing, etc.
  • Sensitising Events
  • Anchoring
  • Ideomotor Signaling
  • Metaphor use
  • Conditioned Responses
  • Learning & Responding Styles
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Emotional Responses/Abreactions
  • Hypnosis Anaesthesia and Analgesia 
  • Anxiety, Panic & Stress
  • Depression
  • HNZ Gastric-Band Hypnotherapy Treatment for Weight Management
  • Sexual Dysfunctions &  Issues
  • Fertility & Childbirth
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Body Language
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Genograms
  • Plus much more to help you run a highly successful Hypnotherapy practice - including specialist guest presenters!

Please contact Grant Boddington to inquire, or simply complete an online  Online Registration Form and Grant will contact you.
Read more about the course and its contents here

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Hypnosis New Zealand is an "inclusive" Hypnotherapy group.  We welcome any well trained, qualified and experienced Hypnotherapists (who of course support who we are and what we do) to join us.  NB: There are no further examinations! 
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The group is run by Professional practicing Hypnotherapists and is headed by Grant & Karen Boddington; with the assistance of an annually appointed Advisory Board. The 2017 Advisory Board is: Caterina Findsen, Linda Woodgate & Avril Carpenter.
Our Mission Statement
"As an independent Hypnotherapy Group, Hypnosis New Zealand recognises and celebrates Hypnotherapy as a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy - and supports the choice of each individual Hypnotherapist to conduct client-focused therapy in either a similar or a different manner from his/her peers; within New Zealand laws and the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics."

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Yes, we'll even post most up-and-coming Hypnosis related events for students, members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand in either the body of the newsletter or the HYPNOTES NZ Events Calendar for free!  So, if you're a student, member or supporter of Hypnosis New Zealand or a spokesperson for a Hypnosis group not in commercial competition with Hypnosis New Zealand - and you have a conference, meeting, show, or other event (anywhere in the world) that others may like to attend, email Grant with the details and if it meets our criteria for free adverting, then we'll add it to HYPNOTES newsletter. All such advertising may bear a statement attesting to the fact that the advertiser is in fact a Hypnosis New Zealand supporter - so you need to be one!
Our Criteria for Accepting Free Commercial Advertising: Commercial advertisements considered to be in direct competition with any Hypnosis New Zealand activities, may in some cases be run in the Events Calendar, rather than in the main body of the newsletter. Still for free though - but only if that business has openly expressed and demonstrated support for Hypnosis New Zealand!


Submissions to HYPNOTES are accepted entirely at the discretion of Grant Boddington.  Small changes may be made in content, spelling, grammar, layout, etc., to improve readability.  The products, opinions, articles and/or services that are published in HYPNOTES are the property of the contributors and they alone are responsible for obtaining any required permissions from anyone referred to or quoted from in any submissions to this newsletter..  Grant Boddington assumes no responsibility for the ownership, suitability or accuracy of any content or information in this newsletter, or linked to from this newsletter.

Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington is a full-time Professional Hypnotist, HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Stage Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker. 
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Hypnotherapy Training
Two great ways to make a start into the business of Hypnotherapy!  A 5 Day Practical Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course, plus a Home-Study version for a faster start!
Hypnosis World 
Hypnosis World is one of the internet's longest serving and most popular sites for everything involving Hypnosis. Therapy, entertainment, motivation, information, products & services, all in one place.
Mind Mechanics®
Packed full of intrigue, logic & interactivity - and with that unique "WOW" factor you're looking for! "Mind Mechanics® "Thoughts Words & Actions" should feature at your next conference or seminar. 

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