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July/August 2017
for Members, Students & Supporters of
Hypnosis New Zealand

NZ's Largest Hypnotherapy Group & Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer ... for
Practical, Focused & Supported, Professional Hypnotherapy Training!


New & Upgraded Memberships
The latest round of examination successes and membership upgrades really supports the claim that Hypnosis New Zealand delivers what we promise!  Congratulations to the following members:

Maree McManaway - MHNZ -
HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy
Amy Bowman -
MHNZ - HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy
Jane Tan - PMHNZ - HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Jan White - SPMHNZ - HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Shirley Henderson -
SPMHNZ - HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Last Few Days for Early Bird Discount
The 2017 Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy Conference is on Saturday 5th August and... is almost full!  Hurry to catch the earlybird discount.
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One Place Now Available
This year's
HNZ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course is on November 13th - 17th, 2017 - and has been fully booked for weeks, HOWEVER, one place has just become available!
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Successful June Meeting
In June we had another in our series of Peer Support/Networking meetings.  Read More

Coach Will's New Ebook
Read an excerpt and register to be one of the very first to read the entire ebook from Coach William C. Smith.  Read More

Updated HNZ Constitution

We have recently clarified HNZ "Student" status in our Constitution.

Student of Hypnosis New Zealand

Any person who is currently studying and yet to complete their first Hypnosis New Zealand course and accompanying examination requirements.  Student status lasts for a maximum of 12 months from the date that a person’s first HNZ course is started - and ends either:

(i)                 On completion of that course’s examination requirements and subsequent upgrade to member status; or:

(ii)               It automatically expires should the course examination requirements be uncompleted within 12 months of commencement of a first HNZ course.  

In some circumstances, Student status may be extended up to a further 12 months; providing it is applied for and accepted in writing before it has expired.


Is HNZ For Sale?
Within the next few years, I'll be looking at significantly reducing my involvement in running Hypnosis New Zealand.  I will of course continue to remain involved in Hypnotherapy, albeit at a much more leisurely level. 

I'd like to begin making plans now that should ensure the future continuity and professionalism of HNZ as NZ's largest  Hypnotherapy Training & Support group.

So, if you have the passion, experience and expertise that is required to own and operate this great group as your own business, I'd love to hear from you today. Contact Grant
Contact Grant: 

0800 TRANCE (0800 872623)
Facebook Group

About Hypnosis New Zealand

Find out who we are, what we do and what we stand for. See why Hypnosis New Zealand is the most rapidly expanding Hypnotherapy group in NZ!

Hypnosis New Zealand GOLD STAR Proficiency Standards
Gold Star Proficiency StandardsGold Star Proficiency StandardsGold Star Proficiency Standards
We have our very own highly visible rating system for the proficiency of our practicing Hypnotherapists. Read more on our Directory of Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapists

 from just
9.5 cents each!
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Create and maintain your new client momentum
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Become an Associate Member of HNZ
Find out how to be a part of NZ's most progressive and supportive Hypnotherapy Group - wherever you trained - for just $40.00 per year!

Become an HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Find out how to become nationally recognised as one or our "Best of the Best"  Clinical Hypnotherapists a be an integral part part of NZ's most progressive and supportive Hypnotherapy Group - for just $60.00 per year!

Facebook Discussion Group
Facebook GroupWith 125 members, our HNZ Students, Members & Supporters Facebook Group is the place for peer support, HNZ news and announcements; plus useful discussions on Hypnotherapist  experiences and techniques.  Join Now

Free Directory Listings for Members
85% of all those who visit hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz, access our Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists page! That equates to hundreds of people every week looking for a Hypnotherapist! Are you getting your share of new business?  We offer a Free Directory Listing for all HNZ Members! Read More


Saturday 5th August, 2017.



Please Register Now if you intend attending - because we are almost SOLD OUT!

NB: We only have a handful of spaces left, so they will be confirmed on a first registered/paid basis. 

We have engaged the services of very interesting speakers - who will present relevant* topics that you asked for. 

Avril                                                      CarpenterAvril Carpenter
"I am passionate about weight management Hypnotherapy.  My mission is to educate and inspire women to have confidence and control around food, be the shape and size they want to be for life – without calorie-counting or sweating their you-know-what’s off at the gym.  I help busy women ignite their thinner sparkle, make peace with food and live the life they hunger for."

Weight Management
NZ is ranked as the third heaviest country in the world.  "I want to lose weight, can you help?" is becoming a very common question for hypnotherapists.  Having specialised in weight management Hypnosis since 2012 and worked with hundreds of clients, Avril's noticed what works, and what doesn't. She shares her top seven weight management tips to help clients become their happy weight.
Ian BlaineIan Blaine
Ian Blaine is one of our original and longest serving HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists. He practices in several locations around Auckland - and is one of the country's most noted exponents of all things Hypnosis. Ian has a wealth of information and experience to draw from and is totally generous in sharing his Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy knowledge with his peers.

Anxiety & Phobias
Ian is extremely experienced in dealing with clients suffering from anxiety and phobias will be sharing some very useful information, in 4 specific areas:
  • Understanding different types of anxieties and phobias.
  • The Psychology of what's happening in the mind.
  • The Physiology of what's happening in the body.
  • Techniques to help free clients of their limitations and take control back.
Linda WoodgateLinda Woodgate
As an experienced Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Workshop Facilitator, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Indian Head Massage practitioner and teacher, and several other modalities, Linda has observed the level of stress prevalent in clients and audiences. By meshing components of several modalities she has responded to this with programmes specifically aimed at reducing stress and ‘moving moods’ in very easy, fast and fun ways.  “Live, Laugh and Love your Moments”

Mind/Body Connection
To create participation with practical involvement and theory of the mind body connection. This interactive session, with a light hearted card game of body parts, will use a series of controversial quotes or statements backed up with theory, science and hearsay.

  • To discover where belief systems fit or don't fit ‘today'.
  • How belief systems define working practises.
  • To expand and be open to new ways of using their skills.
  • To understand how all body parts are effected by the mind.
  • To not limit the power of thought and energy with the invisible world.
  • To take these findings and bring a fresh approach to life.
  • To continue to be experiential in approach to client requirements.

Sheryl MurraySheryl Murray
Sheryl Murray is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor who has been combining her passion for counselling with the wonderful technique of hypnosis for over 7 years now. She began practicing in Hamilton, where she had been living for 15 years, but in 2012 she returned to her home province of Taranaki. For the last five years she has been running a successful clinic in New Plymouth. Sheryl will move back to the Waikato this year to be closer to her partner, and set up another practice – sharing her time between her two homes! With an extensive background in business management – her own and other peoples – Sheryl has gained a lot of insight into starting up, trouble-shooting and stream-lining business practices.

Business Practice
Training to be a Hypnotherapist is only the first step towards achieving our goal of being successful in the profession we are passionate about! We need to set up, and operate, a sound practice in order to survive in this competitive world. At all times, we should also strive to project a professional image. Sheryl will be giving some insight into the following areas of business practice:
  • Setting up business – home clinic vs commercial clinic
  • Business Plans – the importance of direction
  • Compliance – statutory requirements
  • Professional Image – clinic and hypnotherapist
  • Basic Accounting – tips to minimize tax
  • Marketing/Support Networks
Dr. Laura                                                        BoddingtonDr. Laura Boddington
Dr. Laura Boddington is a neuroscientist working at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Laura graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience in 2016 where her thesis investigated how electrical brain stimulation could be used to enhance functional recovery following a stroke. Laura is interested in understanding how the different regions of the brain are wired up, and how individual cells communicate with each other in both the healthy and diseased brain.

Neuroscience 101
You can’t put your finger on the mind, but you can put your finger on a brain. Here we’re stepping away from the mind and into the brain where Laura will give a broad overview of the anatomy and physiology of the brain. We will talk about the major brain structures we can see, all the way down to the microscopic cells that form the crucial building blocks of our brain. We will cover how these neurons communicate and our current scientific understanding of how information and memories are stored in our brain.
Grant Boddington
Two short "Soapbox" presentations after our AM & PM breaks.

Grant Boddington
HNZ Membership Structure & Resources

An update and explanation of our various Hypnosis New Zealand membership levels; our client focused Gold Star Proficiency Ratings; our free directory listings for members; our cost effective advertising flyers and most importantly our Peer Support/Training resources. Find out why and how HNZ is so successful as a NZ Hypnotherapy Group.

Your Obligations as an Advertiser
Some tips on scripting your various advertising media; including flyers, websites, newspaper ads, etc., within the Fair Trading Act and on the right side of the Advertising Standards Authority and the Commerce Commission.

Read more here: www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz/conference.html

See you in August!

Avril's June MeetingSuccessful Meeting
In June we had another in our series of Peer Support/Networking meetings.  This latest meeting was held at Avril Carpenter's home in Auckland.  A sincere thanks again to Avril for making her home available.

There were 10 Hypnotherapists present, for an evening of sharing skills and experiences (and cake) with our colleagues.  Once again it was nice to catch up with new and old friends - and I was pleased to see the meeting so well supported.

There are hundreds of practicing Hypnotherapists in NZ and every one of them has a professional and a moral obligation to undertake regular on-going training.  (It's also a requirement in our HNZ Code of Ethics.) I always find it pleasing to meet up with those who take this obligation seriously.  August will see yet another major Hypnosis New Zealand opportunity for Hypnotherapists to further up-skill their techniques, at our 2017 Conference.  See you there!

Enjoy the Benefits of Hypnosis New Zealand Membership
Wherever you trained as a Professional Hypnotherapist - and whatever other Hypnotherapy groups or associations that you may or may not belong to, we have the ideal Hypnosis New Zealand membership for you!
NB: HNZ membership is now the only way to get a free listing in our Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists.

1. Join as an Associate MemberAMHNZ Cert
  • Application fee - Nil
  • Assessment fee - Nil
  • Prerequisite - Experienced, reputable, professional Hypnotherapist.
  • Annual fee - $40.00 (That's it!  The only cost!)
  • Download an AMHNZ Application Form or contact HNZ for more information.

2. Become a Registered Clinical HypnotherapistHNZRCH

  • Application fee - Nil
  • Assessment fee - Nil
  • Prerequisites: See full list of prerequisites here
    • AMHNZ - (Trained outside of HNZ) 1 year of Associate Membership and plus 5 years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
    • SPMHNZ - (Trained with HNZ) 3 years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Annual fee - $60.00 (That's it!  That's the only cost!) 
  • Find out how to become an HNZRCH and contact us for an application form.

The Story of the Two Dragons
 (From Coach William C. Smith - an excerpt from his new ebook)
. . . Story . . . 
Coach William C. SmithNow Just Imagine, on a cold Winter’s night, a wise, loving GrandFather and his Young Grand Children are watching the shadows the fireplace made on the wall.   The GrandFather is telling them this very important story:
“Each of us, me and You - and pointed to each of the Grand Children has a terrible fight going on within us every day.  It is a fight between two hungry Dragons.  One Dragon is full of worry, fear, doubt, anger, jealousy, envy, laziness, regret, blame, and excuses.  This dragon hurts others with the negative thoughts, words, and deeds - even though it hurts itself sometimes too!  The other Dragon is filled with love, confidence, courage, peace, compassion, persistence, focus, happiness, optimism, and determination.  For others, and even itself, the Second Dragon has love, respect, kindness, and patience.  Sometimes their fights are small, and sometimes they are big, but each of us has these two Dragons fighting within us every day.”

The GrandFather becomes very quiet.  After a little while, one of the Grand Children asks:
“Please tell us, which Dragon will win?”

The old GrandFather is quiet for a few moments, and then looks each of them in the eyes and says softly:
“The one You feed.”
. . . End of story . . .
You may recognize this as the Cherokee Legend of Two Wolves.  It’s been around for generations.   As you noticed, I changed the story from wolves to dragons.  Why did I do that?  Because wolves are real and dragons are mystical, mythical creatures (as far as we know).    And some people are afraid of dogs, especially big dogs (even small dogs for some people), and the person’s SubConscious Mind may connect the idea of wolves to dogs and they could on some level feel uncomfortable about it, without even realizing it, and just might miss the lesson in the story.
I have the person read the story and tell me what they think of it.  And then I ask more specific questions.  I have them go back and re-read the part about the “Bad Dragon” and tell me which of those words that describe the Bad Dragon, just might be bothering them – maybe something they would like to change.   They’ll usually tell me at least two or three.  Then I’ll tell them the words are just a generic list of negative thoughts or traits that may be holding them back.  I ask them if they were writing the story for themselves, what words would they add to the story that’s not on that list.
Then we go to the “Good Dragon” and have them tell me which of the words on the list that describe the Good Dragon would they like to hear in their own Minds – louder, clearer, and more frequently.  After they do that, I’ll ask them to think of words they would add to that list that are not on the list that would help them move forward in their Life.
And now you probably just realized, before you even get into reading the book itself, you’ve already got a tool to think about – the negative thoughts you want to get rid of and the positive ones you want to bring into sharper Focus!
We all have a SubConscious Mind.  And it can be either your best friend or your worst enemy – depending on how you’ve trained it or allowed others to train it for you.   When we talk to ourselves, we have a choice whether to Coach ourselves in a positive way or to create obstacles to hold us back from being the happy, successful person we want and deserve to be.

Be one of the first to read the new Ebook from
Coach William C. Smith
Really Listen When You Talk To Yourself!
Training and Using Your Coach Within

Check it out here

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
November 13th-17, 2017 - in Auckland
Hurry! This Annual Course is ALMOST FULL!
Online Registration Form
Read more about the course and its contents here

This course is focused, interactive and supportive!  Exactly what the Hypnotherapy profession in NZ has come to expect from Hypnosis New Zealand!  The syllabus is comprehensive and practical, teaching effective advanced skills to experienced Hypnotherapists. 

Diploma in Advanced Clinical HypnotherapyA SMALL SAMPLE OF COURSE CONTENT:

  • A recap of the HNZ Suggestive Hypnotherapy theory and practice
  • Age Regression/Hypnoanalysis/Affect Bridge
  • Advanced Therapy Techniques such as: Parts, Gestalt, Reframing, etc.
  • Sensitising Events
  • Anchoring
  • Ideomotor Signaling
  • Metaphor use
  • Conditioned Responses
  • Learning & Responding Styles
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Emotional Responses/Abreactions
  • Hypnosis Anaesthesia and Analgesia 
  • Anxiety, Panic & Stress
  • Depression
  • HNZ Gastric-Band Hypnotherapy Treatment for Weight Management
  • Sexual Dysfunctions &  Issues
  • Fertility & Childbirth
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Body Language
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Genograms
  • Plus much more to help you run a highly successful Hypnotherapy practice - including specialist guest presenters!

Please contact Grant Boddington to inquire, or simply complete an online  Online Registration Form and Grant will contact you.
Read more about the course and its contents here

Free Directory Listings for HNZ Members
If you're a Hypnosis New Zealand member Hypnotherapist,
then you probably have a valuable Hypnotherapy service to offer to prospective clients. 


Check out our 3 free directories for members. 
(And if you're not a member, then
apply today)
Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists
85%  of all Hypnosis New Zealand website visitors are accessing our Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists!   That means there are 100s of potential Hypnotherapy clients searching for a Hypnotherapist every week! 
Q. Who is getting them? 
Those with free listings on our directory! 
Around 40 of our HNZ trained and Associate Member Hypnotherapists already have free listings here - and enjoy the many extra clients it provides.  This is one of the NZ's most easily and frequently searched Hypnotherapist Directories - featuring an easy search clickable map of NZ.  All practicing HNZ members should be a part of it. 

Free Listing Application Form for HNZ Members
And if you're not an HNZ member .... Join us!

Directory of SKYPE Hypnotherapists

If you provide Hypnotherapy consultations via SKYPE (as myself and many of my colleagues do nowadays) then this is a great way to attract clients from next door, next city, or next country!  The internet is boundary-free!
Contact Grant for a Free Listing

Directory of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists

One of the many perks of becoming one of our "Best of the Best" Hypnotherapists, is a free listing on our exclusive Directory of HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists. 
Contact Grant for an Application Form
Who Qualifies for a Free Listing?
Well if you've ever attended one or more of our Hypnotherapy courses and have passed one or more of our examinations, then you qualify for a free listing in our
Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists, as well as in our Directory of SKYPE Hypnotherapists

If you trained elsewhere, you're welcome to apply for Associate Membership. As an AMHNZ,
you would then qualify for a free listing in our Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists, as well as our Directory of SKYPE Hypnotherapists

If you have earned our Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, or have been an Associate Member for more than a year (and hold similar qualifications to ours) then you are welcome to apply to become one of our
HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists and qualify for a free listing in our
Directory of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis New Zealand is an "inclusive" Hypnotherapy group.  We welcome any well trained, qualified and experienced Hypnotherapists (who of course support who we are and what we do) to join us.  NB: There are no further examinations! 
Find out more about joining us here

About Hypnosis New Zealand
Hypnosis New Zealand is the largest independent Hypnotherapy Training, Services and Support group in NZ.  It operates within an efficient business structure and members are guided by a strict Code of Ethics and Proficiency Standards.

The group is run by Professional practicing Hypnotherapists and is headed by Grant & Karen Boddington; with the assistance of an annually appointed Advisory Board. The 2017 Advisory Board is: Caterina Findsen, Linda Woodgate & Avril Carpenter.
Our Mission Statement
"As an independent Hypnotherapy Group, Hypnosis New Zealand recognises and celebrates Hypnotherapy as a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy - and supports the choice of each individual Hypnotherapist to conduct client-focused therapy in either a similar or a different manner from his/her peers; within New Zealand laws and the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics."

[In a nutshell, we are pro: Independence, Individuality & Professionalism for Hypnotherapists!]


Hypnosis New Zealand
HNZ Structure

Submission Guidelines
Your Contributions Are Welcomed 
Readers contributions of information or articles to HYPNOTES are welcomed. (Minor editing may be performed to enhance readability.) Generally, only topics and contributions directly related to Hypnosis, from students, members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand, will be published in HYPNOTES.

Free Advertising for Local, National & International Hypnosis Events
Yes, we'll even post most up-and-coming Hypnosis related events for students, members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand in either the body of the newsletter or the HYPNOTES NZ Events Calendar for free!  So, if you're a student, member or supporter of Hypnosis New Zealand or a spokesperson for a Hypnosis group not in commercial competition with Hypnosis New Zealand - and you have a conference, meeting, show, or other event (anywhere in the world) that others may like to attend, email Grant with the details and if it meets our criteria for free adverting, then we'll add it to HYPNOTES newsletter. All such advertising may bear a statement attesting to the fact that the advertiser is in fact a Hypnosis New Zealand supporter - so you need to be one!
Our Criteria for Accepting Free Commercial Advertising: Commercial advertisements considered to be in direct competition with any Hypnosis New Zealand activities, may in some cases be run in the Events Calendar, rather than in the main body of the newsletter. Still for free though - but only if that business has openly expressed and demonstrated support for Hypnosis New Zealand!


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Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington is a full-time Professional Hypnotist, HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Stage Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker. 
Hypnosis New Zealand www.hypnosisnewzealand.co.nz
Hypnosis information, products, services &  training with a New Zealand focus.  From HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Motivational Speaker, Grant Boddington.
Hypnotherapy Training
Two great ways to make a start into the business of Hypnotherapy!  A 5 Day Practical Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course, plus a Home-Study version for a faster start!
Hypnosis World 
Hypnosis World is one of the internet's longest serving and most popular sites for everything involving Hypnosis. Therapy, entertainment, motivation, information, products & services, all in one place.
Mind Mechanics®
Packed full of intrigue, logic & interactivity - and with that unique "WOW" factor you're looking for! "Mind Mechanics® "Thoughts Words & Actions" should feature at your next conference or seminar. 

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