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About Hypnotist Grant Boddington

Hypnotist Grant Boddington is a Stage Hypnotist, a Registered Hypnotherapist and a Motivational Speaker. A motivator, a therapist and an entertainer with many years experience as a professional Stage Hypnotist, Corporate Motivational Speaker and Registered Hypnotherapist.

About Grant Boddington, Registered Hypnotherapist
Grant first began a career in Hypnosis in the early 90s (last century). The first love as a Hypnotherapist has always been motivation. Helping ordinary people reach extraordinary goals, by focusing the existing power of their minds. Finely tuning a client's positive attitude and expectation is actually quite a straightforward and relatively simply process when facilitated by Grant's effective yet practical methods. 

As a Registered Hypnotherapist, Grant exerts only influence over his clients, there is never any control (as there often seems to be during a Hypnosis stage performance) there is just motivational influence - helping them to achieve what they want to achieve.

Grant's one-on-one Hypnotherapy is the basis of all his current internet activity as a Hypnotherapist and he is one of the original web Hypnotists with his first website in 1996. He has come a long way since then, "practising what he preaches" using the power and focus of his own mind to achieve many goals with optimism, enthusiasm and passion.

Most of Grant's clients see, feel and experience positive benefits from his motivational style as a Hypnotherapist within just one or two sessions. All one-on-one Hypnotherapy sessions are supported with one or more of his Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy recordings - and often a recording is all that is needed to initiate significant change in the mind, body and life of the listener. These recordings are available worldwide - and can either be downloaded within minutes as MP3s, or airmailed (Free Shipping) to any address in the world within a few days as CDs.

What Issues Can A Hypnotherapist Help With?
There are hundreds of situations, issues and conditions that can be directly improved by a cometant Hypnotherapist. 
Habits- smoking, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, hair-pulling, bed-wetting, etc. Phobias - heights, open spaces, spiders, fear of flying, etc.
Addictions - drugs, alcohol, gambling, foods, etc.
Personal, business and sports motivation
Relationship enhancement
Sex therapy
Sleep problems
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCDs)
Weight loss & control
Irritable bowel syndrome
Pain management
Concentration & focus
Painless childbirth
etc. etc.etc.
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Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy recordings

While there are many hundreds, probably thousands of ways a Registered Hypnotherapist can benefit a person on its own, it should be noted that Hypnotherapy is also an excellent complementary procedure to most traditional forms of treatment for physical, mental, emotional and environmental issues. 

Be The Person You Want To Be!

For your added peace of mind, always choose a Registered Hypnotherapist!

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