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Erotic Hypnosis MP3 For Lovers

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Erotic Hypnosis Sex Adventure for Loving Couples. A suggestion based erotic story of a sexual encounter combining sex, love and hypnosis designed to spice up your love and sex relationship. Available as a mailorder CD or downloadable MP3.

Erotic Hypnosis
Erotic Adventure for Loving Couples - Downloadable MP3, for adult male / female couples who are in a committed, monogamous, long-term relationship - sharing erotic story intesity love & sex! Share love and sex together in the privacy & intimacy of your own bed with this wonderfully fulfilling hypnosis-sexual experience. A complete and loving sexual adventure.
Erotic Adventure
                MP3 for loving sexual couples.
Share Minds & Bodies:
Where a couple chooses (either constantly or occasionally) to share their minds and bodies physically and emotionally, the bonds of love and sex can become intertwined and often indistinguishable one from the other.

Together, as a couple, you can choose a more positive loving and erotic sexual relationship and expect exactly what you choose. Communication of mind and body can be enhanced with Hypnosis. A technique perfected by Registered Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington - and available world-wide on his tastefully erotic MP3 "Erotic Adventure for Loving Couples" within minutes of your order. Enhance your willingness and ability to share love and sex more deeply and sincerely.


  • This MP3 contains graphical suggestions, descriptions and explicit references to intimate erotic sexual activity such as intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. 
  • It also contains similarly graphical suggestions and descriptions of warm and passionate activity such as hugging, kissing and massage. 
  • It is intended for adult male/female couples who are in a committed, monogamous, long-term relationship.
  • This is a shared, erotic story type, sexual, loving experience and contains extra suggestions to enhance future loving, sexual interaction between the two of you.
("Sexual Performance for Men" MP3 is here.)

Sharing Love & Sex In Your RelationshipCouples enjoying love and sex in
                    a loving sexual relationship
Learn to touch and be touched, to love and be loved on a physical and emotional level. By simply listening together to Grant's "Erotic Adventure for Loving Couples" MP3; you will begin to improve your attitudes and expectations together. As you relax and take in the positive and tastefully erotic story type suggestions again and again with each playing of "Erotic Adventure for Loving Couples" together - you will be reprogramming yourself to act and respond just as you'd probably like your partner to act and respond to your feelings and actions.

Give & receive physical and emotional loving and sex equally and enjoy the encounters more and more sharing and alternating roles and exploring your own sexuality with your lover. The more you give the more you receive. Learn to increase your pleasure, by increasing your lover's pleasure. What is a relationship? Well, in its most basic level, whether it's a personal, sexual or even a business relationship - in order for it to work, each party has to get what they need from the other. If that give and take is shared approximately equally, then the relationship is probably a success.

Overcome sexual dysfunctions and dis-satisfactions such as: Inability to achieve orgasm (in men and in women),  impotence, lubrication, intimacy, frigidity, etc.

Expand your sexual menu with whatever you're both comfortable to explore and experiment with. Such as: Fantasies, sex toys, oral sex (cunnilingus & fellatio), masturbation, sexual fetishes; in fact anything that you both are comfortable to discuss and experiment with on a shared and loving basis. Write your own erotic story book featuring the experiences on this wonderful recording.

Why Does This Hypnosis Program Work So Well?

By simply listening again and again to the positive motivational suggestions you want to hear, while you're relaxing. You become more accustomed to - and more trusting of, the suggestions given with every playing and absorb them more easily. The state of trance attained usually deepens with successive playings and the subconscious mind takes the information more deeply and permanently, resulting in a modification in your expectations - and therefore changes.

Self improvement with Hypnosis occurs when you allow your conscious mind to relax - and then present your subconscious mind with positive, repetitious suggestions from a trusted source.   In this way, those suggestions are more easily and permanently accepted.

Grant Boddington's Hypnosis recordings are generally less than 20 minutes in length to allow for a more regular and frequent use.  As you listen each time to one of Grant's recordings, the positive  repetition increases your ability to absorb the information you want as a more permanent part of your mind, your body and your life.

Remember, Grant Boddington is an experienced Registered Hypnotherapist and Sex Therapist. You can trust his effective Hypnosis  system to give you a more fulfilling sex life.

Do It Now!
"Erotic Adventure for Loving Couples" is a complete loving and sexual adventure for couples to enjoy together. Download it now as an MP3.

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