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From International Regd. Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington

  Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals. Essential reading for all Hypnotherapists! Written by Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington. A new look at Hypnotherapy for 21st century Hypnotherapists.

This Best Selling Book From Grant Boddington, is Now Available as a Downloadable Ebook!

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy For Professionals
(ISBN 978-0-473-15388-5)

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy
For Professionals

Practical Skills for 21st Century Hypnotherapists!

An Essential Text Book
For All Professional

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Hard copies are only available within NZ.

ISBN 978-0-473-15388-5

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals is the product of more than 15 years practical experience in the field of hypnosis. It is more a product of my own observations during those recent years, than a collection of re-hashed old-fashioned ideas. Contained within the pages of this book is a collection of my opinions, observations, experiences and thoughts. 

Hypnotherapy itself is largely about communications.  From your very first contact with every client, your communication skills are your advantage. Use them effectively and you can create an opportunity to facilitate great changes in many people. Use them ineffectively, and you’ll be left in the dark ages of authoritarian hypnotists who sought only to feed their own egos by exerting control over a few submissive clients. Today’s clients are much more aware and knowledgeable concerning matters of control, personal rights and taking responsibility for one’s own thoughts, words, actions and life!

Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals is primarily intended as an educational reference book for hypnotherapists with at least a basic working knowledge and preferably experience of the principles and applications of hypnotherapy. It is also designed to be an interesting and anecdotal vehicle to share many of my theories and practical applications of techniques that have evolved during the last 15+ years in Suggestive Hypnotherapy. I’m sure that some of the material will instigate much discussion in the hypnotherapy profession. 

It is ‘how-to fine-tuning’ text for modern hypnotherapists who want to assist their clients more swiftly and more effectively. Adopting many of the styles and techniques in this book may well facilitate a huge increase of referral business from satisfied clients. 

It should also be of benefit to anyone with experience in other forms of natural therapy wanting to use Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy as an extra tool for their clients – although I very definitely recommend attending a practical hypnotherapy course first. 

In this book, I share the techniques I've developed over many years of clinical testing and tuning - including:

But I’m sure others have worked out similar models, rules and tendencies of their own. As the old saying goes: “There’s nothing new under the sun.” So I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, but sharing my thoughts, theories and experiences of a style of hypnotherapy that has brought me much so pleasure and satisfaction since the penultimate decade of the last century! 

I firmly believe that the same Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy I enjoy providing and that my client praise so much, will soon be in the toolkit of many thousands more natural therapy practitioners as they come to realise how simple and effective it is. 

As an important part of this book (as with all of my other hypnotherapy training materials) you, as a buyer, are offered a personal mentoring service as a professional Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapist.  After all, this is Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy - and we’re in it together!

Downloadable Ebook

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Hard copies are only available within NZ.

ISBN 978-0-473-15388-5

  Testimonials to Modern Suggestive HYPNOTHERAPY for Professionals!

Grant I purchased your new book and i have certainly found it to be 21st century and purely inspirational. 
I have visited many sites and had communication with many hypnotists but I have found your ideas and strategies with hypnotherapy to be more guided in the direction of fullfilment for the hypnotherapist and the client. Thank you Grant for an outstanding directional book. 
Kind regards 
Grant Boddington, Thank you for writing Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals. It was an easy read.  Why?  Any book filled with great information in an interesting, informative style that reflects the passion of the author has to be well written.  And Grant, you certainly fulfilled these requirements for me.  You were able to project your knowledge and experience in such a way that this book is great for a novice in Hypnosis as well as a seasoned professional such as myself. 

If you want to bring your level of professionalism up to modern standards, this is the book for you!  The book affirmed my own belief that Hypnosis is all about our communications with our clients and that my style of suggestive vs. authoritarian is the best way to work with educated, informed clients. 
I took your book with me to our meeting of the North Dallas Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists and highly recommended it to all our members. 
William C. Smith, BCH, CI, Alpha Process Coach
Hi Grant. Just a quicky to say I am enjoying your book. I feel like I am in your class when I am reading it because you spell everything out and because I am such a know it all...lol...I mean a "want to know it all' I love that! 
Anyway I'm really enjoying it because it is answering many questions I have been pondering over :) 
Tania Coleman HNZCH
As I read this book, it quickly became obvious that Grant has a thorough knowledge of his subject, and for those of us seeking a comprehensive reference guide, that is easy to read and understand, without a lot of technical jargon, this is the perfect book.
Like any job, it is the preparation that governs the end result. Grant places a great deal of importance on the initial client interview, and subsequent building of rapport, which he says is absolutely crucial to a successful hypnotherapy session. He explains why this is so, and provides many valuable tips and techniques for achieving this. He tells how to identify and deal with various personality types, from the highly suggestible client through to the difficult client.
Grant not only covers all aspects of Hypnotherapy, but he gives clear and precise reasons for their application. As with a lot of things that we do on a regular basis, we tend to find little shortcuts or forget to include various simple techniques, that we may have considered irrelevant to the client session. I found that Grant gave very valid reasons why a lot of these techniques are so important. This in turn will make the reader re-evaluate many of their own practices.
 The whole book is almost a script in itself as it guides you through the complete client session process, from the induction through to the awakening, with many great little gems of information along the way.
 Grant finishes his book with many sound guidelines for setting up and conducting a successful business. These include tips on advertising, options for client rooms, your legal obligations, communicating with your local doctor and much, much more. This book is a very definite work that could well become the ABC of Suggestive Hypnotherapy. Val McIntosh Hypnotherapist Wellington

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Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington
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