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Shopping Support, Security & Privacy FAQs and Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER  The way in which any person chooses to use or interpret any information or product obtained from or via Grant Boddington's Hypnosis World, is completely under the control of that person and Grant Boddington cannot and will not be held responsible for the choices, words or actions of that person. In other words folks, choose to take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions!

Is my online payment secure? 
Can I pay in a different currency?
Can I pay using any other method?
Can I use PAYPAL?
How do I receive my products?
How long will my order take to reach me?
Are there any P & P charges?
Are there any other charges?
Are my name and address details private?
Grant, can I contact you directly by email if I have any questions or require any support?
(If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please let me know.)

Q.Is my online payment secure? 
A.Yes, very definitely! Hypnosis World online shopping transactions are handled by FastSpring - utilizing the VeriSign Digital ID for all secure transactions. My shop also accepts Paypal payments.

Q.Can I pay in a different currency?
A. Yes you sure can! Your payment can be automatically shown in your own currency. Also, you can make mailorder payments in your own currency if you choose. Click Here to access the XE.com universal Currency Converter.

Q. Can I pay using any other method?
A. Yes sure, you can make Cash, Check, Money Order payments directly to me by mail order

Q. Can I use PAYPAL?
A. Yes, just begin to make make a normal Credt Card payment and you will be give the option of payiong by Paypal. 

Q.How do I receive my products? 
My ebooks and MP3s are downloadable for all orders through my shop. You will be provided with a download link in your confirmation email, on completion of your order. 

Q.How long will my order take to reach me?
If you have ordered an MP3 or ebook, then you will receive a download link in your confirmation email - and should have your product within just a few minutes. 

Q.Are there any P & P charges?
A. No, for any product requiring pysical shipping, the price includes all P & P via worldwide airmail. 

Q.Are there any other charges?
A. A few US states and EU countries may be charged Sales Tax or VAT. Please be aware of this when you complete your purchase. This is outside my control and collected by the card processors for the respective Tax Depts.

Q.Are my personal details private?
A. Oh yes! That's the only way I do business! All information provided to Hypnosis World, or any of its suppliers or processors is absolutely private and will not be shared or distributed to any other party. 

Q.Grant, can I contact you directly by email if I have any questions or require any support?
A. Yes, you certainly can.  For your peace of mind you are welcome to contact me at this email address if there is anything else you'd like to know about ordering any service or product from me.

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