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Play Better Golf With Hypnosis

MP3 Download

Play better golf - Hypnosis downloadable MP3. Use the power of a positive mind to help lower your golfing handicap. This in a golf training aid to help every golfer from the highest to the lowest handicap, to play better golf.

Is Playing Better Golf All In The Mind?
Play better golf with Hypnosis
                MP3 Golf is a game that most golfers need to play better in the mind - in order to play a better golf game on the golfcourse.  Use the power of your mind and an Hypnosis technique called Suggestive Hypnotherapy, to help lower your golfing handicap.

Over the last 12 years, Grant Boddington, Professional Hypnotist (& amateur golfer) has developed an amazingly simple and straightforward technique of golfing self-improvement via Suggestive Hypnotherapy and now applied it to a downloadable MP3 recording that should prove that - playing a better golf game is indeed in your mind!

A downloadable MP3 that will show you how to use positive visualization and positive affirmation, to build positive expectations of the golfer you can be - the golfer you want to be - the golfer you have decided to be - and the golfer you are becoming!

Spend Less Time In The Rough When Playing Golf!
Whether you're on the driving range, the practice nets, the tee, the fairway or the green; you'll be more confident in your mental and physical abilities to put the golf ball closer to your target.  After all, you anticipated it going where you wanted ....... didn't you!  Finally, you can be the golfer you want to be! 

Secret Weapon for Serious Golfers!
Yes this recording is that good! More and more golfers are using it to improve their mindset over that of their opponents. They'll be amazed at how rapidly your handicap and soared down towards and probably into those smaller single digits, but you'll know that it was your secret weapon "Play Better Golf" recording! Will you tell them, or will it be your secret?

Gain An Advantage Over Other Golf Players!
You've probably already learnt most of what you need to know in order to succeed on the golfcourse, but do you always apply that knowledge?  Grant's Suggestive Hypnotherapy MP3 can give you the edge over other golfers!   Learn to disregard those golfers who seek to disturb the flow of your golf game with negative suggestion.  Learn to concentrate on what you want to happen - rather than let them control your mind - and therefore your golf game.

All it takes to re-program your mind with new improved attitudes and more easily recall and utilize your golf training, is less that 30 minutes a day, over 3 weeks, to concentrate on mental training that will capitalize on your existing mental knowledge of golf and physical training as a golfer.

Great Golfers Have Great Minds!
They know the value of concentration, focus and application of mental and physical training.  You can be a great golfer too!  Learn how to harness the amazing power of your subconscious mind and let it loose on the golf-course.  After all, it is your subconscious mind that does most of your driving!  (No golf pun intended)  If your subconscious is correctly programed then there will only be positivity, focus and concentration from it - and you will play a better golf game more often.

Why Does This Hypnosis Program Work So Well?

By simply listening again and again to the positive motivational suggestions you want to hear, while you're relaxing. You become more accustomed to - and more trusting of, the suggestions given with every playing and absorb them more easily. The state of trance attained usually deepens with successive playings and the subconscious mind takes the information more deeply and permanently, resulting in a modification in your expectations - and therefore changes.

Self improvement with Hypnosis occurs when you allow your conscious mind to relax - and then present your subconscious mind with positive, repetitious suggestions from a trusted source.   In this way, those suggestions are more easily and permanently accepted.

Grant Boddington's Hypnosis recordings are generally less than 20 minutes in length to allow for a more regular and frequent use.  As you listen each time to one of Grant's recordings, the positive  repetition increases your ability to absorb the information you want as a more permanent part of your mind, your body and your life.

Remember, Grant Boddington is an experienced Registered Hypnotherapist. You can trust his effective Play Better Golf recording to give you the results you desire.

Hi Grant. About 5 months ago I received a copy of your ‘Play better golf’. At that time I was a 9 handicap player having played for over 45 years on single figures usually once a week and lately really working hard to maintain that level of golf game. Imagine my delight when within 2 months my handicap had dropped to only 5! I can only attribute it to your Suggestive Hypnotherapy which has combined my physical and mental golfing game to reduce my handicap so quickly. The game of golf has become so much more enjoyable for me too. I strongly recommend your recording to all golfers looking for an improvement to their handicap and more importantly to their enjoyment of the wonderful game of golf.  Bryan – New Zealand.

I received the hypnosis disk to improve golf. It is truley amazing. I recently completed an Hypnosis course during which I listened to numerous inductions and this has to be one of the best. The results of listening to your recording for two weeks knocked a shot off each hole I play at my local golf course. What more can I say if the other products are to this standard they are a market leader.  Nic - UK

Hypnotherapy (and this recording) helped young Riki Kauika become a professional golfer!  He (Riki Kauika) attributed his improved mental game to local hypnotherapist Grant Boddington, who had helped boost his confidence. "I was having a few problems I'd lost a bit of confidence and I wasn't putting the best, but ever since I've seen him I've been putting awesome."  Riki Kauika - New Professional Golfer
(Reported in the Wanganui Chronicle.)

Do it now ...... make up your mind and make your mind work for you!

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Incredible Lifetime Guarantees
from Grant Boddington
Regd. Master Hypnotist, Regd. Hypnotherapist
Grant Boddington, Registered Master Hypnotist and
                Registered Hypnotherapist
When you buy a Hypnosis product from me, you deal personally with me!  I pride myself in offering you an incredibly swift, personal service, wherever you are in the world.  I personally design and create all my Hypnosis recordings, ebooks and products. All physical products are airmailed to you within hours of your order. You can download MP3s and ebooks directly from your confirmation email, within minutes of your order. I'm available to answer questions before or after your purchase - and I attempt to answer all your inquiries within a few hours - sometimes minutes.

Hypnotherapy MP3s: If you ever lose an MP3 recording, I will send you the file again!
Hypnosis Ebooks: If you ever lose your ebook file, I will send it to you again!
All Products: If you ever have issues concerning your progress with any of my products, please contact me and I will help you in any way I can. Your success and satisfaction is my highest priority!

If you can find better, or more personal, Hypnosis service anywhere, then please tell me so I can meet the challenge - and continue getting better and better! 

Grant Boddington

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