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Sleep Better With Hypnosis

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Relax and sleep better with Hypnosis. Overcome your sleep disorder with Hypnosis. Relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis and sleep can all be attained easier with this Hypnosis downloadable MP3 recording.  Sleep faster, longer and sounder. Relax and sleep deeper.

Relax and sleep better with
                  Hypnosis MP3
Do you have a sleep disorder or trouble relaxing or sleeping - would you like to be able to relax, sleep better, calm your mind, meditate, or achieve self hypnosis wherever and whenever you choose?
If you use Grant Boddington's "Relax & Sleep Better" Hypnosis MP3 recording, then you can overcome a sleep disorder and sleep better!  Because relaxation, meditation, sleep and hypnosis can all be attained better, easier and faster with assistance from this talented, trained and experienced Hypnotherapist.

Sleep Disorders & Disturbances

Insomnia, anxiety, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, night terrors, nightmares, bad dreams, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, in fact almost any sleep disorder, may cause drowsiness, lack of energy, lack of concentration, accidents, reduced performance, depression, etc., etc., etc.

Learn to calm and slow your mind and body - and to relax or sleep better, easier, faster and in any place you choose.  Simple voice and body triggers will enhance your depth of relaxation any time, any place. If you want to eliminate a sleep disorder and relax and/or sleep better - then, with this wonderfully soothing and inspiring recording you can achieve  the better sleep, the deeper relaxation, meditation or self hypnosis you desire.

Tranquillity & Serenity
Your mind will tune easily to the sound of Grant's voice and focus on his every word as you you descend your mind and body into a wonderful state of tranquility and serenity. The power of positive suggestion is an amazing tool when delivered by a skilled master of Hypnosis. Grant's suggestions are easy to understand and follow - because they are exactly the words you want to hear. Therefore the conscious mind has less need to interfere with the learning process of the sub-conscious.

Definition of Trance
Trance can be defined as a state of awareness between the waking and sleeping states.  Relaxation, meditation and Hypnosis all lie within those parameters - sometimes at a constant level, but more often variable. While in a trance it is common to experience lightness or limpness - and time may speed up or slow down - and space may diverge and converge alternately. Trance has to be experienced to be fully appreciated - there is no description to adequately capture the feeling.

Altered Awareness
While in a state of altered awareness (or trance) induced in you by Grant, you also become more subconsciously accepting of his positive suggestions to relax into as deep a state as you are able and willing to descend to. 

You work with Grant's voice - you are not controlled by it. The choice of depth is in your hands - Grant simply provides you with the best tools for the job - and teaches you how to use them effectively and efficiently.

Grant makes use of colorful descriptive language in his calming suggestions and the imagery you conjour in your imagination helps you to go wherever you choose into your level of awareness. You can descend to lower levels of relaxed conscious awareness and at the same time ascend to stimulating higher levels of sub consciousness.

Dreams & Visualizations
As you progress deeper into a trance there is a point where conscious awareness becomes less dominant and your visualizations may seem like dreams. To accurately define where relaxation, trance, meditation, hypnosis or sleep either start or finish is debatable and variable from person to person. It's better not to analyse the state - just enjoy it for what it is, what it feels like and what you achieve from it. You can therefore influence your dreams as well as overcoming your sleep disorder, by using Grant's "Relax & Sleep" Hypnosis MP3 download.

Why Does This Hypnosis Program Work So Well?

By simply listening again and again to the positive motivational suggestions you want to hear, while you're relaxing. You become more accustomed to - and more trusting of, the suggestions given with every playing and absorb them more easily. The state of trance attained usually deepens with successive playings and the subconscious mind takes the information more deeply and permanently, resulting in a modification in your expectations - and therefore changes.

Self improvement with Hypnosis occurs when you allow your conscious mind to relax - and then present your subconscious mind with positive, repetitious suggestions from a trusted source.   In this way, those suggestions are more easily and permanently accepted.

Grant Boddington's Hypnosis recordings are generally less than 20 minutes in length to allow for a more regular and frequent use.  As you listen each time to one of Grant's recordings, the positive  repetition increases your ability to absorb the information you want as a more permanent part of your mind, your body and your life.

Remember, Grant Boddington is an experienced Registered Hypnotherapist. You can trust his effective Hypnosis Relax & Sleep Better system to give you the results you desire.

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