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From International Regd. Clinical Hypnotherapist: Grant Boddington

  Self Hypnosis Template Recordings MP3 Download

Self Hypnosis can be a whole lot easier with this guided template recording aid. Available on downloadable MP3, to assist you in achieving your Self Hypnosis goals with most of the technical Hypnosis induction, setup and trance emergence details all done for you ...... by a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist!

Self Hypnosis Template MP3 Recording 
This is the probably the most useful and greatest advance in "Self Hypnosis" since man first realized that a human mind is programable!
Get The Best Of Both Worlds!
~ Your own voice and personal suggestions ... combined with 
~ A trance induction and emergence from an experienced professional Registered Hypnotherapist!

Would you like to achieve self improvement through Self Hypnosis, but need a little help in first achieving a trance state, formulating and presenting suggestions, and then emerging from the trance state ...... knowing that you've made some positive changes?

If you would, then this amazing recording set from Registered Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington could be the best news ever to you!

This wonderful new recording set is simply a "Self Hypnosis Template" (or aid). You download it as an MP3. 
PLUS ...... there are THREE generous FREE bonuses with your recording!

  The Mechanics of the MP3 Self Hypnosis Recording

  • Introduction
  • Induction of a trance - using a "Bed of Clouds" script
  • Setup of intention and expectation
  • Visualization prompt
  • 1 minute of free space for your affirmations or suggestions
  • Trance deepener - using "Focused Breathing"
  • A further 1 minute of free space to repeat your affirmations or suggestions
  • Compounding of benefits script
  • Choice of trance emergence, or relaxing sleep
After a brief introduction, the recording begins with Grant Boddington's time-proven version of the "Bed of Clouds" induction, then a setup of intention and expectation, followed by a visualization prompt, then 1 minute of free space where you insert your own pre-prepared affirmations or suggestions. 

After this, there is a breathing-focused trance deepener and another 1 minute of free space for you to repeat your affirmations or suggestions. And then there is a series of strong, compounding suggestions designed to assist you to gain the maximum benefits from your Self Hypnosis session. 

Then the recording concludes with Grant Boddington's uniquely-worded choice of either awakening from your trance, or descending down further through the awareness states into a deep and relaxing sleep.

  Every Self Hypnosis MP3 set comes with THREE FREE BONUSES!

You will receive a plainly worded guide to self hypnosis and instructions on how to write your own scripts, formulating your suggestions and affirmations in the language that is the most acceptable to your subconscious mind. This free guide includes information on the "Ps Rules" for visalizations and affirmations, as well as information on the "Thoughts, Words & Actions" expectations/results cycle.

Once you become more accustomed to using your Self Hypnosis template recording, then you'll probably require extra space for your suggestions and affirmations. So, track 2 is an identical recording to the original, but with double the free space for your input. 

For those times when you want a lift from Self Hypnosis, but don't have the time to construct your own suggestions or affirmations, Grant has that covered too! Each MP3 set has a third recording with powerful general motivational suggestions already added! Gain valuable extra benefits from Grant's many years of experience as a Registered Hypnotherapist, by using track 3 as often as you like, either independently of, or in conjunction with, your own Self Hypnosis scripts.

  Why does this Self Hypnosis Program Work So Well?

By simply listening again and again to the positive motivational suggestions you want to hear, while you're relaxing. You become more accustomed to - and more trusting of, the suggestions given with every playing and absorb them more easily. The state of trance attained usually deepens with successive playings and the subconscious mind takes the information more deeply and permanently, resulting in a modification in your expectations - and therefore changes.

Self improvement with Hypnosis occurs when you allow your conscious mind to relax - and then present your subconscious mind with positive, repetitious suggestions from a trusted source.   In this way, those suggestions are more easily and permanently accepted.

Grant Boddington's Hypnosis recordings are generally less than 20 minutes in length to allow for a more regular and frequent use.  As you listen each time to one of Grant's recordings, the positive  repetition increases your ability to absorb the information you want as a more permanent part of your mind, your body and your life.

Remember, Grant Boddington is an experienced Registered Hypnotherapist. You can trust his effective Self Hypnosis program to give you the results you desire.

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Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington
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