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Simply The Best Motivation

  Simply The Best! Powerful motivation MP3 recording for elite sports motivation, high-powered business people and all other high demand personal pursuits. Free with every Hypnosis World purchase.

Simply The Best
Is a powerful motivation MP3 recording for elite sports people, high-powered business success and all other demanding personal, business and sports pursuits. 
Download Simply The Best MP3 NowDownload Simply The Best MP3 NowA ten minute powerpack!
That's Grant Boddington's new
Simply The Best
motivation MP3

Yes, Grant is a Hypnotist, but NO, Simply The Best is not Hypnosis! It's powerful waking suggestion that you can use while driving, exercising, running, or any time and place you can listen to the intensely powerful suggestions. 

Use it Anytime!
You can use your Simply The Best MP3 when you are travelling, exercising or relaxing. In fact you can use it at almost any time of the day or night, as total concentration is not required. Simply The Best will prove effective even when used as background to other activities where your full concentration is essential - such as driving.

Positive Repetition is the Key!
Think back to when you were a junior at school ... and how you learned to multiply or how you learned to recite the alphabet. You learned by REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION! REPETITION is the key to success!

The Power of Positive Suggestion!
Grant Boddington is a master of the power of suggestion, and a master Mind Mechanic. He knows that the more you listen a message that you want to hear, the greater likelihood it will be accepted by the subconscious. Its like copying a file into your computer hundreds of times - it's real easy to find it and it's more likely to be the first file you find when the need arises.

A 10 Minute Powerpack of Positive Suggestions!
Simply The Best is certainly a ten minute powerpack! During any 10, 20 or 30 minute period where before your mind may have been idling, you could hear the powerful motivation messages one, two or three times! Just load the MP3 file onto your Ipod or MP3 player and take it with you on your next training run, gym workout or plane trip.

Personal, Business and Sports Motivation
Simply The Best does it all! All major motivation and self-improvement issues are addressed in the brilliant 10 minute script. 

  • Improve your sports results - gain a competitive edge.
  • Plan to succeed - and enjoy the success you planned for.
  • Become more focused and motivated - exude pride and positivity.
  • Climb every personal, sports and business ladder to success.

is FREE with every Hypnosis World purchase!
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Download and Playing Information
Simply the Best is available as a free downloadable MP3 file.  It is comlimentary with every Hypnosis World purchase or can be downloaded directly from www.grantboddington.com

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