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Learn Stage Hypnosis And Be A Hypnotist

Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn Stage Hypnosis,
or already a seasoned professional Stage Hypnotist,
there is plenty in this supported home study course for you - including RAPID INDUCTIONS!

Mastering Stage Hypnosis is an ideal manual for all Stage Hypnotists,
from Professional International Master Hypnotist, Grant Boddington.

6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & VIDEO support
from Grant Boddington, the Master Stage Hypnotist himself!

Mastering Stage Hypnosis
Ebook from Stage Hypnotist Grant Boddington

Watch Grant in Action
See how he has fun while earning $1000+ per show!

Mastering Stage Hypnosis
                                          EbookThis could be the best
"Learn Stage Hypnosis" course you'll ever find for the price!

International Master Stage Hypnotist Grant Boddington openly and personally shares his amazing Stage Hypnosis secrets.

You can even interact and chat one-on-one personally face to face with Grant via SKYPE or ZOOM.

Mastering Stage Hypnosis also includes a large chapter on
the secretive mechanics of how expert and experienced Stage Hypnotist Grant Boddington performs RAPID INDUCTIONS on stage to impress and intrigue any audience.


Mastering Stage Hypnosis is more than just an ebook - it is also
6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & VIDEO support

from Grant Boddington, the Master Stage Hypnotist himself!

So whether you're just starting to learn Stage Hypnosis, or a semi-trained enthusiast, or a seasoned professional,
then Mastering Stage Hypnosis and the
6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & SKYPE support is for you!

EMAIL GRANT  (grant@grantboddington.com)

Learn How To Become A Stage Hypnotist, From The Master Hypnotist Himself
  • Stage Hypnotist, Grant Boddington .....
  • is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (HNZRCH)
  • offers all purchasers rapid email response to questions
  • offers all purchasers one-on-one video (EG: SKYPE) support
  • has the best Hypnotist home study training & personal support package anywhere!

Terms & Conditions for Free Support
(Subject to change without notice)
Mastering Stage Hypnosis
6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & VIDEO support
NB: The 6 weeks support begins on purchase date
and ends 6 weeks from that date.
   All emails must be addressed to grant@grantboddington.com
All emails must have "Mastering Stage Hypnosis" as the subject line.
   All emails must come from the purchaser of the ebook and be signed.
   A maximum of 3 questions per weekly email are permitted.
   Will be one-on-one only and must not be recorded.

   Should be pre-arranged and be respectful of time zone differences
   Will be a maximum of 15 minutes & limited to 6 sessions (1 per week)

EMAIL GRANT  (grant@grantboddington.com)
(ZOOM Face to Face Video is also available.)

You can learn how to become a Stage Hypnotist!

Available as an INSTANT DOWNLOADMastering Stage Hypnosis
 The best value Stage Hypnosis Training available!

Grant Boddington, Master Stage Hypnotist will teach you the skills of Stage Hypnosis (also called Stage Hypnotism) in his easily read and understood manual, "Mastering Stage Hypnosis". It's full of techniques, secrets, information & scripts that will help you simply & swiftly learn how to become a professional Stage Hypnotist.
Remember there is 6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & VIDEO support for all purchasers!

I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your book, Mastering Stage Hypnosis.  I run a successful hypnotherapy practice in Vancouver, BC., and found many of the techniques described help every bit as much in therapeutic hypnosis as they do in stage.  I am grateful for such a well presented and helpful book. I also think your stage work is great.
Rob Hadley - www.vancouverhypnotherapy.org
Thank you so much for your help!!!   I want to thank you for your wonderful book and your assistance. I have been in this field for a long time and it is hard to find someone that really backs up what they are selling. "Especially over the internet!" Just being able to contact you with questions is well worth hundreds of dollars! Your book is too cheap! Thank you again for your professionalism. Bryan T. Mandrell Dipl.A.c., C.H. Master Hypnotherapist
Grant, I've been collecting Stage Hypnosis Information and running a Stage Hypnotist Show in Australia for the last 7 years. I must say that your Stage Hypnosis e-book is concise and to the point, and your information on Fund Raisers gave me a 2000% return on my investment with just 2 telephone calls. Thanks. I also appreciate your quick and great customer service. My only complaint is that you're selling all the secrets way too cheap!! Thanks again,Kevin Grisť - The Hypnotist www.thehypnotist.com.au

Learn how to Hypnotize With A Click Of Your Fingers
You could become the center of attention as a Stage Hypnotist, when, with just a simple "click of the fingers" you deeply hypnotize someone. Learn to entertain, amaze and intrigue corporate gatherings, graduation nights, colleges, clubs, theatres, etc. In Mastering Stage Hypnosis, Grant Boddington teaches the psychological mechanics of his highly revered "rapid induction" technique. Any Stage Hypnotist worth his fee will almost always demonstrate his "hypnotic prowess" by using rapid inductions. (Also sometimes called instant inductions.)

Learn Stage Hypnosis And Be A Stage Hypnotist
Once you begin studying, learning and practicing the skills of Stage Hypnosis (Hypnotism) you could be on your way to a career as professional Stage Hypnotist, with the potential of a great income and a professional status to match. Be warned though, that if learning Stage Hypnosis was too easy, then everyone would be doing it and the fees could plummet. It takes a very special determination and confidence to become a professional Stage hypnotist, but your efforts are well rewarded. That's why the fees for a competent and entertaining Stage Hypnotist still often run into the thousands of dollars per show! 

This amazing Hypnotist course could change your life!

Mastering Stage Hypnosis Ebook
 The best value Stage Hypnosis Training 
JUST US$149.95!

Just look at what you'll learn from Mastering Stage Hypnosis!
Contains: Scripts, inductions, rapid induction instructions, routines, sample contract, sample show introduction, sample recording agreement, sample fundraising show tips, guidelines for a successful Stage Hypnosis Show, ETC., ETC., ETC! 

This is one amazing Stage Hypnosis Manual!  Plus, if you want to know more, you have 6 weeks FREE personal EMAIL & VIDEO support from Grant Boddington himself - all included in your purchase price!

Table of Contents

Learning to Hypnotize
Chapter 1 - About Hypnosis
Chapter 2 - Inducing a Trance
Chapter 3 - Removing a Trance
Chapter 4 - Dealing with Abreactions

Preparing your Hypnosis Show
Chapter 5 - Advertising, Promotion & Booking
Chapter 6 - Equipment & Support Staff
Chapter 7 - Legalities & insurance

Staging your Hypnosis Show
Chapter 8 - Setting the Mood & Expectation
Chapter 9 - The Introduction Speech
Chapter 10 - Suggestibility & Suitability Testing
Chapter 11 - Choosing Volunteer Particpants
Chapter 12 - The Best Routines

After Your Hypnosis Show
Chapter 13 - Add-ons & Extras for Profit
Chapter 14 - Conclusion
Chapter 15 - Important Support Information

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