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Downloadable MP3s
Grant Boddington, Regd. Hypnotherapist (NZHRB) can help you with his own personally written and recorded Hypnotherapy downloadable  MP3s.  Whatever your personal, business, sports or sexual issue, he has the right choice for you.
Grant has around 30 items for you to buy right now - securely!

Easy Payment
You can make payment in several different ways, in several different currencies. (All items are priced in USD, but the intelligent order page will automatically convert to your own local currency).

Great Support
As a valued customer, you are treated with speed and efficiency and always have peace-of-mind in knowing that you can contact Grant himself at any time for support.

A range of downloadable MP3 recordings
                          from Hypnosis World

Would you like to become a Hypnotherapist or Stage Hypnotist?
                        in Hypnotherapy
Learn Hypnotherapy Course is a home study Hypnotherapy training course.  You can learn hypnosis for therapy to help others make the changes they want.  This home study Hypnotherapy course comprises two separate modules covering Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy; the style that brought Hypnotherapy into the 21st century. 

While you are studying, you will receive 12 months full email support and tutoring by Registered Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington. 
On completing the 2 short open book examinations, you will receive your attractive Certificate in Hypnotherapy and qualify for lifetime mentoring and personal support from Grant himself! 

Mastering Stage Hypnosis EbookMastering Stage Hypnosis is a uniquely supported ebook that covers the entire business of Stage Hypnosis.  Learn everything necessary to present a full Hypnotist stage show - from the introduction speech, to the induction of hypnosis in your volunteers - and the most popular of hilarious and intriguing routines.  You will also be taught how to safely and professionally remove the Hypnotic trance and restore your volunteers back to a state of reality and wide awakeness. 

And of course all the business tips and tricks of becoming a successful Stage Hypnotist.  As a seasoned professional, Grant is generous in sharing all the closely guarded tips and tricks that helped him become a top Stage Hypnotist. He is also happy to be your lifetime mentor and very probably your friend, as well as your colleague, in Hypnosis.

from Grant Boddington
Regd. Master Hypnotist, Regd. Hypnotherapist
Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Grant Boddington.
                  Hypnosis WorldWhen you buy any Hypnosis product from me, you can deal personally with me!  I pride myself in offering you an incredibly swift, personal service, wherever you are in the world.  I personally design and create all my recordings, ebooks and products. All physical products are airmailed to you within hours of your order. You can download MP3s and ebooks directly from your confirmation email, within minutes of your order. I'm available to answer questions before or after your purchase - and I attempt to answer all your inquiries within a few hours - sometimes minutes.

Hypnotherapy MP3s: If you ever lose an MP3 recording, I will send you the file again!
Hypnosis Ebooks: If you ever lose your ebook file, I will send it to you again!
All Products: If you ever have issues concerning your progress with any of my products, please contact me and I will help you in any way I can. Your success and satisfaction is my highest priority!

If you can find better, or more personal, Hypnosis service anywhere, then please tell me so I can meet the challenge - and continue getting better and better! 

Grant Boddington

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